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Ultimate Bracelet Designers Redefining Luxury

April 14, 2020
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The truth is, the watch game has been done so many times that we feel to differentiate you wrist from the rest requires a little more effort nowadays. While luxury bracelets have had the image of playing in the shadow of wristwatches, these brands prove this assumption wrong.

Revolutionary materials crafted into timeless pieces that radiate confidence and solidity, these bracelets are a perfect alternatives if you don’t want a bulky watch to lug around. The reason we believe these companies are doing better than anyone else in their field is the thought that goes into each bracelet.

Anyone can buy some expensive materials and hire someone to make a bracelet. These companies connect design, material science and experiences like nothing else in the luxury world.


This product was recommended by Phyniton Bracelets from Phyniton

Phyniton is a luxury bracelet brand, inspired by culture and jewellery designs from around the world and combined with today’s modern luxury and lifestyle. Born from creativity and a fascination for exclusive materials and pervious metals, Phyniton bracelets are produced on demand. This sustainable model of production ensures materials do not go to waste.

Philanthropy lies at the core of the business with 5% of all proceeds going to a charity of the consumer’s choice. In 2020, it will be launching a mental health bracelet collection in collaboration with Hollywood actor Chase Tang, who is a mental health advocate and activist. He plays bad boy supervillain Baryon on Netflix’s upcoming Jupiter’s Legacy. Phyniton strives to make the world a better place while being fashionable all at the same time.


This product was recommended by Andrea Gandica from Official Models NY

Nothing says glamour as Cartier, its iconic Love Bracelet has been around for decades and still hits every note.


This product was recommended by Andrea Gandica from Official Models NY

Bvlgari redefines the limits of luxury jewelry and captures the power of seduction in the Serpenti bracelet with a hypnotic design.


This product was recommended by Andrea Gandica from Official Models NY

The Tiffany T bracelet is designed to be as true and iconic as the New York City skyline and the latest additions feature vibrantly colored inlaid stones making it a major symbol of style.

Roman Malakov

This product was recommended by Kristin George from Ignite Visibility

RomanMalakov has mastered the traditional old-world jewelry craftsmanship and integrated it with today’s cutting-edge technology. Their pieces are handcrafted and magnificently designed.

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