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6 Luxurious Lingerie Brands You’ll Love Wearing

April 14, 2020
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Lingerie is a key part to every woman’s wardrobe. Because it’s the first layer of clothing with your skin, luxurious materials and clever design is more important than in any other piece of clothing.

What irks many of us is the lack of great bra companies that actually understand this simple fact. People come in different sizes, but we all have the same needs – to feel comfortable and look good. That’s why we felt it’s so important to list the companies that are listening. These luxurious lingerie brands have products that every woman deserves. 

If there’s one luxury item that you should prioritize buying, it’s these wonders of the fashion world.

Anya Lust

This product was recommended by Ashley McCormick from Anya Lust

Luxury Lingerie Destination inspired by endless romance, decadent sensuality, and intoxicating femininity. Anya Lust is a dreamland, created for free-spirited women to revel in pleasure and all that makes life so incredibly beautiful. The bras available online range from lace to latex and are all high-end.

Agent Provocateur

This product was recommended by Katie Dames from Feely Feelings

This British luxury bra brand has everything you need if you’re looking for exquisite pieces to spice up your lingerie game. Known for their playful approach to classic basics you’ll find a range of materials including lace, velvet, netting, and satin bras that not only make you feel great about yourself but provide you with ultimate comfort and optimal hold. Visit a boutique or make the most of their online complimentary returns service to find the luxury you’re looking for.

Third Love

This product was recommended by Kalev Rudolph from CarInsuranceComparison

Third Love bras have brought a revolution to the world of bra shopping online. With nearly infinite customization options, Third Love takes a new approach to the bra buying experience, and things just get better from there. Customers will be able to shop for sizes, styles, and fits that perfectly accommodate their breast shape, projection, and size. If you don’t love your fit, Third Love will connect you with one of their trained fit stylists to help find the proper bra for you. When it comes to comfort, all-day support, quality materials, and a brand that foregrounds the diversity of all body types–Third Love can’t be beaten.


This product was recommended by Tess DiNapoli from NATORI

Instead of making sacrifices and choosing between function and fashion, indulge in exquisite comfort and style with luxury bras from Natori that embrace your femininity. From T-Shirt and Sport to Strapless and Maternity styles, Natori’s extensive and alluring bra collection ensures you are supported, stylish, and comfortable for any outfit or occasion.

The Bra Lab

This product was recommended by Gina V. Crevi from The Bra Lab

The basis to your wardrobe is always your foundations! The Bra Lab is a multiway bra like never seen before, enabling women to customize their bra to suit their wardrobe needs. Our bra components are fully customizable and interchangeable for versatile styling. The Bra Lab is supportive and undeniably stylish that will make everything in your wardrobe fit a little bit better.

Bloom Bras

This product was recommended by Elyse Kaye from Bloom Bras

The Bloom Bra is a patented, fully-customizable sports bra designed to empower well-endowed women from sizes 28C to 56L to get out there and exercise in comfort. It is revolutionizing one of the fastest growing industries. industry.

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