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Best Luxury Brands You Need In Your Bathroom

April 14, 2020
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The bathroom is an important part of everyone’s home. It’s closely tied to our self-care and how we present ourselves to the world. So it’s key that we put some attention to the brands that are looking after your wellbeing.

That’s why we believe if there’s one area in life that deserves luxury, its the bathroom toiletries. We’ve provided some amazing luxury brands that prove this is the case. Skincare, showering, hair-care is going to become a highlight of your day with these brands.

Malin + Goetz

This product was recommended by D. Gilson from CarInsuranceCompanies

I love Malin + Goetz because their products are definitely luxury in quality, but also not fussy. Their design is clean and simple, and I love to see them on my counter at home, in my shower, or especially at certain top hotels, like the Four Seasons Chicago. Additionally, unlike a lot of bathroom brands, Malin + Goetz products aren’t gendered. Thus they feel right for everybody and every body.


This product was recommended by Sneha from SkateboardSeek

Dornbracht is the only German faucet line imported into North America that is still produced primarily in Germany using German-made parts and components. Their faucets designs are beautiful and polished, with modern sensibilities and a European, German kind of utilitarianism. Their styles just ooze quality and sophistication; most likely, if you bought one of their products, you would be a customer for life. From the royal families to Hollywood celebrities, many are an avid fan for Dornbracht. Some unique shower features like the horizontal showers have caught the attention of bathroom designers around the world.


This product was recommended by Sam Laliberte from WhatsYourFree

Brüush is a well designed, high performance electric toothbrush subscription that’s raising the bar in oral care. They provide luxury products to consumers at an accessible price point and also donate a dental kit to communities in need for every subscription refill.

QuickDrain USA

This product was recommended by Madelyn Young from QuickDrain USA

QuickDrain USA offers three luxury shower drain product lines, each suitable for a variety of installations and price points. All three lines feature linear drains comprised of the highest quality materials, with fully-sloped drain troughs to ensure the most efficient and complete drainage of your wet area. The revolutionary linear WallDrain from QuickDrain USA allows for the most seamless and unique curbed or curbless shower design possible—by installing the drain in the wall itself—rendering it virtually invisible. Nearly any solid surface tile can be installed in the drain’s magnetic vertical cover.


This product was recommended by Jennifer Willy from Etia

Jado is one of the largest and most expensive brands from Germany. Jado has designed various bathroom fittings to meet the design requirement of famous architects and designers around the world.


This product was recommended by Jennifer Willy from Etia

Vitra has a unique history from being a small-time brand in Istanbul to world-famous one. The had a small team of fewer than 9 people who worked very hard to make this brand what it is right now.


This product was recommended by Danielle Pitts from DUCALM

DUCALM Skincare is a luxury skincare and grooming products brand. DUCALM is a cruelty free, unisex and nontoxic line of products. They sit beautifully on the counter or bedside for quick access and use. They also travel well with you. The body wipes as well as the skincare products can be seen on . DUCALM Skincare products are known for their tag line “actives recovery for your skin” because they are soothing and gentle to the skin barrier.

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