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Eco-Friendly Fashion Brands You’ll Feel Proud Wearing

April 1, 2020
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While fast fashion giants maintain their unsustainable sourcing and unethical production, these small brands show there is a better way against all odds.

We’ve picked the brands that don’t compromise on style or material quality in their apparel while staying eco-friendly. The additional beauty in these clothes is the feeling you get when you remember you’re wearing an eco-friendly product. 

If you haven’t tried that out yet, this is the best starting point. 

Ascot Manor

This product was recommended by Marissa Hoffmann from Ascot Manor

Be one of the first to take a step in the right direction, either on-the-court, on the street, or anywhere your heart desires with Ascot Manor’s newest Members Only collection! Combining everything you know and love about athleisure wear this brand will have you looking your best, and feeling it as well. Made with the highest quality ethically sourced performance materials that cause minimal environmental impact including Oeko-Tex Standard 100 and SGS Printing.

And not to be a showoff, but the brand also has another hidden message of helping advance and sponsor under-resourced competitive junior tennis players through their ‘Lower The Net’ initiative which re-invests a portion of sales back into Ascot Manor. The collection price points range from $30.00 – $100.00 USD.


This product was recommended by Martha Tipper from Mine Label

MINE LABEL is an accessories line that makes Zen inspired products. They sell canvas and re-purposed leather totes, beauty clutches, and hats. Everything that MINE sells has a message written inside that reflects a Zen lifestyle and positive attitude. Martha Tipper and Meredith Britt are twin sisters and the owners of MINE LABEL. After many years of working in sales and retail they joined forces to create a brand that integrates eco-friendliness, good vibes and versatility.


This product was recommended by Emily from Keebos LLC

The Keebos crossbody phone necklace helps you keep your hands free, and prevents you from dropping or losing your phone. This is a great accessory for young professionals who want to keep their phones close (but not in hand) at all times. Many of our customers wear Keebos as a fashion accessory; either as a necklace or cross-body.


This product was recommended by Nicki Hayes from Nicole Ellen, LLC

Vilebrequin has had a long-time commitment to furthering its research and involvement in a sustainable and responsible industry in order to better respect the planet. This commitment included the launch of a recycled materials line last year.


This product was recommended by Lindsay Wells from 5W PR

Dagsmejan is sustainably made in Europe, uses production processes that are low on energy usage, Oekotex certified, bluesign(r) certified, and mulesing free, and reusable boxes and bags for packaging, so you can sleep easy knowing that there is no adverse impact on the environment as well.

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