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The Best Luxury Carpet Brands For A Sophisticated Home

Add these carpets to your home and experience exceptional comfort and sophistication in your home

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A top-tier carpet can change your home completely. Your feet sink into the plushest of textures, and the whole colorway of the room becomes rich and complete. For the best result, though, you’ll need a carpet from an experienced carpet maker. 

So here are the names in the carpet endgame. Their historic experience blends traditional carpet making with the technology of today to create flawless designs that stand up to years of use. Their focus on quality, together with classy designs that don’t grow old, is what makes these carpet brands so sought after. So if you’re looking for a no-compromises flooring solution, this is your final destination. 

Pierre Frey

This product was recommended by Ali Rizvi from Dream Superhero

Founded in 1935 in Paris, France; the brand designs, creates and manufactures fabrics in the purest French tradition

Mohawk Industrial

This product was recommended by Stacie May from Lucky Watcher

If you’re looking for a new carpet, Mohawk Industrial has got you covered. This luxury carpeting brand sells everything from commercial carpets to residential carpets to area rugs and bath mats! They’re well known for their extensive range of carpeting and high durability.

Edition Bougainville

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Regardless of the space you wish to decorate, Bouganvainville will create the most beautiful and most luxurious rug for each client.


This product was recommended by Joe Flanagan from 90s Fashion World

A brand renown for their made to order products and heritage design in the UK with more than 250 years of proven craftmanship.

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