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5 Best Luxury Cashmere Brands Offering Timeless Style

The finest cashmere, ethically sourced and soothing to your skin

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Cashmere is a premium material that demands the best in manufacturing and design.  Today, it is also increasingly popular because its natural source and biodegradable qualities. The brands we’re listing below go further in the pursuit for the highest quality cashmere that doesn’t hurt our planet.

These brands offer sumptuously soft sweaters that complete the chic look you’re looking for while providing warmth and comfort. So if you’re looking for versatile everyday clothing that lasts and pronounces luxury everywhere you go, these brands are your go-to.


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Naadam Cashmere comes straight from Mongolia’s Gobi Desert. The company is committed to fair trade and sustainability. They manufacture luxury cashmere for consumers, but they also make sure they take care of their producers and their goats. Because of their cruelty-free commitment, the wool is obtained by hand-combing which produces long fibers, which, in turn, enables Naadam to produce the finest quality cashmere.

Johnstons of Elgin

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Johnstons is the brand behind the cashmere products in high fashion luxury brands like Chanel, Hermes, Burberry and more. This Scottish Highlands brand has even attracted customers of the Royal British Monarchy.


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Scottish cashmeres are renown worldwide but no one does cashmere quite like Brora. The workmanship that goes into each piece is amazing and much of it is done by hand.

Wuth Cashmere

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Is a Danish cashmere brand that specializes in providing cashmere of the finest quality in classic styles with a focus on producing items that can be worn and loved for a long time.

Wild Saint London

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Our cashmere is ethically sourced from the semi wild Kashmir goats living in the cold region of Mongolia, creating the best quality of fibres. The fleece of the goats are combed during the spring moulting season, cleaned and spun to create cashmere yarns from which our products are made. No goats are killed for cashmere, and we work to the highest animal welfare standards. All our yarns and factories are certified for excellence.

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