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The 14 Most Delicious Luxury Chocolate Brands

A little upgrade from your Reese’s and m&m’s.

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We are not talking about Milky Ways, or Hershey’s kisses. That’s just barely entry level stuff in the chocolate game. Kid’s stuff you could say. That’s not why we are here.

A luxury chocolate confection is so far above the run-of-the-mill generic chocolate brands that there’s little point in making a comparison. It just wouldn’t be fair nor it would even begin to describe what you are about to taste once you decide to try these luxury chocolate brands.

#1 Hr Konfekt (Iceland)

The HR konfekt (Iceland) product recommended by Leighton on Levi Keswick.

The leading artisanal chocolatier in Iceland, Hafliði Ragnarsson has been producing outstanding quality since 1997. He’s especially noted for his Easter egg creations. There’s something ultra pure in the air and water in Iceland, and that freshness comes through in their agricultural products and in Hafliði’s chocolate creations. Available at the Mosfellsbakari in Reykjavik and at the airport duty free shop in Keflavik. Online shop is coming soon.


#2 Blissfully Better

The Blissfully Better product recommended by Chris Skaggs on Levi Keswick.

Made in small batches and handcrafted in copper kettles, Blissfully Better’s Toffee, Caramel, Coconut, and Mint Thins are the perfect indulgence. Certified Organic and sweetened only with low glycemic coconut nectar, our confections are Blissfully Better for you and your taste buds! Blissfully Better Almond Toffee Thins received a 2019 Taste for Life Essential Food Award in the chocolate category – one of only two chocolate products to receive the award.


#3 Joyfuls

The Joyfuls product recommended by JohnTateossian on Levi Keswick.

Joyfuls are dark chocolate treats crafted with 60% cacao and topped with fruits, nuts or seeds, and sprinkled with pink Himalayan salt. Available at your local grocery stores and mass retailers, each sweet and salty treat is individually wrapped for healthier sharing and portion-controlled snacking. Throw them in your purse or picnic basket and go!


#4 Michel Et Augustin

The Michel et Augustin product recommended by Brooke Lavine on Levi Keswick.

Michel et Augustin’s new packaging features bold graphics, eye-catching colors, and a unique new look for the founders of this iconic French company. In addition to new graphics, Michel et Augustin cookie squares will be available in pantry-friendly 15-count bags for a suggested retail price of $5.49.


#5 Divine Chocolate

The Divine Chocolate product recommended by Dana Swinney on Levi Keswick.

Divine Chocolate is driven by a social mission: to bring people together using the amazing power of chocolate to delight and engage, creating dignified trading relations that empower both producers and consumers. By creating a supply chain that shares value more equitably, Divine Chocolate exemplifies a viable model for how to secure the sustainable future of cocoa and cocoa farming.


#6 Kingsbury Chocolates

The Kingsbury Chocolates product recommended by Camille Davis on Levi Keswick.

Kingsbury Chocolates’ original recipes are made by hand, in small batches using only the finest imported chocolate!My personal favorite is the Bittersweet Dark Tamari Almonds with French Sea Salt. Rich. Sweet and Salty.


#7 Knipschildt Chocolatier

The Knipschildt Chocolatier product recommended by Lisa Kennally on Levi Keswick.

Created by Danish born Fritz Knipschildt but made in Connecticut, the truffles are creamy, decadent and have various flavors women‘s names identifying each variety. Try the Hannah – caramel with sea salt.


#8 La Maison Du Chocolat

The La Maison du Chocolat product recommended by Emmy Ansinelli on Levi Keswick.

These are the most delicious chocolates I’ve ever tasted, period. With choices such as Champagne Truffles (2 of my favorite things) and Passion Fruit Ganache… you really can’t go wrong. The packaging is simple yet elegant. These things never last very long at my house. Bonus: They’re flown in from Paris every day.


#9 Mariebelle

The MarieBelle product recommended by Diane Picariello on Levi Keswick.

Woman-owned MarieBelle New York is a world-renowned luxurious global bean-to-bar chocolate company. The fine art edibles are produced in the Brooklyn factory with retail locations throughout New York City, Japan and Dubai. Their signature artisanal ganache, lavish truffles and tantalizing chocolate bars are available online and in the Soho store which also has a Cacao Bar featuring desserts, pastries, tea and exceptional hot chocolate.


#10 Dude, Sweet Chocolate

The Dude, Sweet Chocolate product recommended by Landon Ledford on Levi Keswick.

Chef Katherine Clapner is the visionary behind the Dude, Sweet Chocolate concept, as well as co-founder, co-owner, and Chef of the company itself. The product names you’ll notice are eclectic and fun, just like the Chef and the culture this local chocolatier has created in Dallas!


#11 Kohler Original Recipe Chocolates

The KOHLER Original Recipe Chocolates product recommended by Joanna Meagher on Levi Keswick.

The luxurious KOHLER Original Recipe Chocolates are handcrafted at the Craverie Chocolatier Café in Kohler, Wisconsin, at the Forbes Five-Star and AAA Five Diamond Destination Kohler. The signature variety of the thriving chocolate business is the decadent and buttery Terrapin – a complex blend of chocolate; smoky, burnt caramel and finished with salted pecans hand-picked for their size and perfection.


#12 Godiva Dark Chocolate Truffles

The Godiva Dark Chocolate Truffles product recommended by Laurice Wardini on Levi Keswick.

When it comes to Belgian chocolate, you can never go wrong with Godiva. They produce some of the most delectable dark chocolate truffles known to mankind! A box containing 24 pieces of their most popular dark chocolate truffle flavor will set you back $49.95. Is it worth your buck? You bet! You can get a box for yourself as a treat after a long day or you can get one of their gift boxes.


#13 Royce’ Nama Chocolates

The Royce' Nama Chocolates product recommended by Laurice Wardini on Levi Keswick.

Royce’ was founded in 1983 in Hokkaido, Japan. It prides itself in using only the highest quality ingredients in their chocolates. Coupled with the cool climate in Hokkaido which is ideal for producing luxurious chocolates, it’s no wonder why Royce’ is known for their world class products. Their bestselling line is their Nama Chocolate which is infused with liquor and other delicious flavors.


#14 Church St. Chocolate

The Church St. Chocolate product recommended by Bri Alberts on Levi Keswick.

Church St. Chocolate bars are handcrafted, delicious to eat and delightful to behold. The bulk of their ingredients are organic, sourced and bought locally, with earth-friendly packaging. Their Ginger & Fennel bar includes a little bit of everything that delights the palate: a tang of ginger, the smokiness of toasted fennel, and a crunch of black sea salt. Proudly made in Seattle, Washington.


The recommendations of products and books within this article where sourced from industry experts. Their names and websites are listed below.

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