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The 5 Fanciest Luxury Candle Brands

April 2, 2019
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Candles are for turning up the atmosphere. To truly transform what would be a mundane day-to-day situation into an intimately relaxing experience where olfactory and visual senses are delighted.

Let’s not even get started on the effect on creating the ultimate romantic ambiance. 10/10 romantic boost.

Candles are for special occasions when you want to be surrounded by a soothing and tranquil aura that allows you the freedom to just be.

Luxury candles do this for you and they do it marvelously! They are not your cheap, 20 minutes duration, lavender-scented candles that lose the smell halfway through! No. These are the real deal in luxury candles.

#1 Thompson Ferrier New York

The Thompson Ferrier New York travel product recommended by Ola Swarn on Lifney.

Be prepared to be blown away! This luxury candle maker is reserved for those with discriminating tastes and the deep pockets to match. Candles generally range from around $24 (for mini sizes) to well over $1000.

They are perhaps best known for their Alligator Collection which starts at $950 per candle. All candles have long burn times and, like Tatine Candles, are impeccably packaged. What’s great about Thompson Ferrier New York is how personal owner, Raffi is with his customers. He personally reached out to thank me for my purchase on Instagram while he was vacationing in Morocco! You can’t beat that kind of service!


#2 Demilune

The Demilune travel product recommended by Joni Cohen on Lifney.

Demilune candles are made in the USA. The candles are premium soy blend 100% – untreated cotton, lead-free wicks – Recycled, hand blown glass – usually from coca- cola & tequila bottles

The spring/ summer scents include, Grapefruit & Mint, Grapefruit & Orange, Jasmine, Lilies of the Valley & Green Leaves, Melon & Violet and Open Sea.


#3 Tatine Candles

The Tatine Candles travel product recommended by Ola Swarn on Lifney.

Tatine Candles, which have their origins in Chicago. The scents created by these GMO free soy and vegetable wax candles are layered, hypnotic and mysterious. They have long burn times and in a a short amount of time can make any home smell downright expensive. Tatine Candles are perfect for the new age hipster.


#4 Gente Roma

The GENTE Roma travel product recommended by Arianna Della Ciana on Lifney.

Discover all the fragrances. Not just candles, but real objects that will enlight and perfume with style your houses. Through their fragrance and sparkle it will be possible to live and feel the Joyful and ecstatic atmosphere.


#5 Sugarmat’S Healing Heart Candles

The Sugarmat's Healing Heart Candles travel product recommended by Brianna Gillard on Lifney.

the magic is in the name! Each Sugarmat candle blend possesses a healing formula that balances your mood bringing you into a state of peace & serenity. These candles are made with 100% pure essential oils & infused with 24k gold flakes, all ingredients are natural and vegan-friendly and can burn approximately for 35 hours!


The recommendations of products and books within this article where sourced from industry experts. Their names and websites are listed below.

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