Swiss Beauty Powerhouses: Exploring Zürich’s Pioneering Cosmetics Industry

February 6, 2024
2 mins read

Renowned worldwide for more than just their chocolates and watches, Switzerland has emerged as dynamic landscape for beauty industry. From bio-engineering personalised human skin grafts to dental wellness and organic cosmetic lines, these Zurich-based companies are redefining the standards of beauty, health and wellness. Incorporating innovation and an unwavering commitment to quality, these companies are bringing unprecedented products and services to the global marketplace.

Rooted in the heart of Switzerland, these companies promote a rich culture of beauty, health, and wellness, which is deeply embedded in its everyday routine, thus ensuring their relevance and prosperity in shifting industry trends. The Zurich beauty scene utilizes the best of nature, science, and technology bringing healthy and sustainable beauty options to discerning consumers worldwide. This harmonious blend of nature and science results in novel beauty solutions that are not only healthy but also humane and sustainable.

Let’s learn more about these companies making waves in the beauty industry from the core of Switzerland’s most populous city. These businesses represent diversity across several beauty industry sectors, and each bring something unique to this ever-evolving industry.


Founded by Daniela Marino and Fabienne Hartmann-Fritsch, CUTISS is revolutionising the cosmetic world through science. They specialize in bio-engineering large quantities of personalised human skin grafts, providing a minimally scarring outcome. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

Alpine White

Adopting the mantra of ‘look good, feel good’, Alpine White, founded by Alexander Wälchli and Reto Wälchli, is dedicated to promoting dental wellness with their personal care products and treatments. Keep up with their innovations on LinkedIn.

Shea Yeah

Promising natural goodness, Shea Yeah provides hand-made Shea butter products straight from Ghana. Connect with them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

exurbe cosmetics

Founded by Bernd Aerni, Melissa Derrer and Philip Bill, exurbe cosmetics prides itself on its commitment to ‘vegan beauty’. Specialising in animal-friendly beauty products, their line is cruelty-free and notable for their extraordinary performance. Stay connected with them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Styleinc Ltd

Styleinc Ltd, founded by Lorena Rota and Melih Vatansever, offers a unique loyalty card solution for retail, providing fantastic style options for all. They keep their followers posted on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


As a stealth startup, Lyviere is bringing innovation from top university labs to everyday consumers. Though they are staying under the radar for now, they are definitely a brand to watch.


IRÄYE is a skincare line that goes beyond the surface to deliver healthier-feeling skin. Using a proprietary ETH-based technology, they are pioneering in skin lymphatic vessel care. Stay updated about their breakthroughs via LinkedIn.

Sunstar Global

Striving to improve global wellness, Sunstar Global provides an array of brands aimed at bettering consumer health. Their portfolio expands across oral care, health & beauty, motorcycle parts, and chemicals. Follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Willow Rose

Celebrating the beauty of nature, Willow Ros is coming up with their own range of cosmetics that will redefine natural beauty. Keep up with their updates on LinkedIn.

Amanda Nails & Beauty

Serving as a hub for all things nail beauty, Amanda Nails & Beauty offers a wide array of services including nail courses and cosmetics. Stay updated about their beautiful trends on Twitter and Facebook.


With a mission to elevate spa treatments and wellness worldwide, CIDESCO has established a strong reputation in setting top-notch educational standards. Stay updated on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

From the heart of Zurich, these companies are reshaping the beauty industry landscape with their innovative ideas. Embracing both heritage and cutting-edge technology, these companies offer a unique amalgamation of experience and innovation.

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