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February 6, 2024
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From international powerhouses to innovative startups, Indianapolis, Indiana, is home to a diverse range of companies operating within the beauty industry. These organizations, which span from tech-forward salon software developers to manufacturers of organic skin care items, show the versatility and wide-ranging attraction of the industry. This part of an ongoing series, will introduce the readers to some of these industry leaders, shedding light on their specific niches while acknowledging their contribution to the beauty industry.

We will discuss eleven companies, highlighting each’s distinct role, and the incredible services and products they bring to the consumer table. One shared factor among these diverse companies is their commitment to enhancing beauty, health and wellness; whether through rehabilitating hair, formulating intoxicating fragrances, providing robust business solutions for salon professionals or carving out a niche in the e-commerce space, their collective contributions present a fresh perspective on what the local beauty industry can offer.

By delving into the scope of their activities, we will gain insights into the strategies they use to navigate the beauty industry’s dynamic landscape, further understanding their impact on both the local community in Indianapolis and the national beauty scene.


Founded in Indianapolis, Helios is a pioneer in the beauty, fitness, information technology, point of sale, and software industry. At its core, Helios is a salon-software focusing on helping tanning, hair, spa, and other service-based businesses maintain their financial viability and business strategy. It achieves this by combining strategic alliances, industry-leading application development, and superior customer service to create comprehensive software solutions.

Sashay Hair Company

Another beauty gem from Indianapolis is the Sashay Hair Company, renowned for providing top-notch beauty, cosmetic & personal care services. Established with a common goal to make every customer feel as beautiful as possible, the experts at Sashay Hair Company strive to stay ahead of the curve, ensuring their clients always receive the most modern and effective treatments and products. Follow their success story on their Facebook page.

New Sunshine LLC

New Sunshine LLC is a prominent beauty and healthcare company providing innovative skin protection lotions and creams. Additionally, the company develops an inhouse point-of-sale software tailored to the indoor tanning industry, allowing salons to offer their customers a comprehensive skin darkening experience. Follow the firm’s updates on LinkedIn.

Diamond Hair Company

Bringing luxury to the every day, the Diamond Hair Company offers beauty enthusiasts a range of premium haircare products. Always on the pulse of the latest trends and with an excellent understanding of customer needs, they continue to fulfill the promise os its name, offering ‘diamond’ standard products for its discerning customers. To see more of their fine work, visit the company’s LinkedIn page.


Another worthy contender in the Indianapolis beauty scene is Mansfield-King. This company operates within the beauty, cosmetics, lifestyle, manufacturing, and wholesale industry, consolidating a reputation for delivering high-quality and thorough services. See what they are about on LinkedIn.

Tanning Supplies Unlimited

Co-founded by Christina and Mike Gilley, Tanning Supplies Unlimited has carved out a niche for itself within the Indianapolis beauty industry by offering a wide range of superior tanning products. Experience their dedication to quality and wellness by visiting their Facebook page.


In the healthcare and beauty sector, Compel is a trailblazer. Recognized for its innovative approach, the company not only contributes to the wellness of clients but also to the local economy. To learn more about Compel’s mission and products, visit their LinkedIn and Facebook pages.


Aeroblend is a frontrunner within the beauty, consumer goods, and e-commerce industry. This company’s approach is marked by its commitment to offer high-quality products and excellent customer service. For more information about Aeroblend and its products, visit their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

Loxa Beauty

Playing an influential role in the beauty, cosmetics, health, and wellness industries, Loxa Beauty has become a household name for many due to their high-quality and innovative products. To learn more about Loxa Beauty’s unique approach, visit their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

The Skinny

The Skinny has established themselves in the beauty, consumer goods, organic, and personal health sectors with their pioneering work. Ensuring every product they manufacture meets top-notch standards, The Skinny continues to impress customers and competitors alike. Follow their journey on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

William Roam

To round up, there’s William Roam, a company celebrated for its innovative work within the beauty, cosmetics, e-commerce, manufacturing, and wellness industry. With a unique blend of beauty and luxury, they continue to redefine beauty standards. Stay tuned with their updates on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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