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Empowering Women Drivers: Top 10 SUVs for Women in 2023

May 27, 2023
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Key takeaways:

  1. A variety of SUVs cater to women’s preferences for comfort, safety, and style.
  2. Top brands like Honda, Mazda, and Hyundai offer highly-rated options for female drivers.
  3. Advanced safety features and innovative technology are increasingly standard in modern SUVs.

Honda CR-V: Unparalleled Comfort and Safety

The 2023 Honda CR-V ranks first among good SUVs for women, with a focus on ride quality and handling tailored to female drivers’ needs. This hybrid model boasts quick responsiveness in both steering and braking, excelling in crash tests and offering advanced safety features.

Mazda CX-30: Sleek Design Meets Affordability

The Mazda CX-30 is a smaller, more affordable SUV with agile handling and a sporty demeanor. This model offers all-wheel drive as standard, providing both style and value for money.

Hyundai Kona: Compact and Fun-to-Drive

The 2023 Hyundai Kona is a small, car-like SUV offering an enjoyable driving experience. With an extensive list of standard features, it provides excellent value in the subcompact SUV market.

Kia Soul: Quirky and Spacious

The Kia Soul stands out for its unique, boxy shape, providing ample room for passengers and luggage. While it lacks all-wheel drive and some standard driver assistance features, its distinctive style and performance make it an attractive choice.

Nissan Versa: Sensible and Budget-Friendly

The Nissan Versa is a subcompact vehicle that offers practicality and affordability for daily commutes. Its three available configurations provide a comfortable driving experience and various standard amenities.

Volkswagen Taos: Roomy and Stylish

The 2023 Volkswagen Taos is a compact SUV with an impressively spacious backseat. Combining style and utility, it’s a rewarding option in a competitive market segment.

Volvo XC40: Cutting-Edge Technology and Design

The Volvo XC40 features a youthful, hip design, and comes packed with advanced technology taken from higher-end Volvo models. Its smart interior layout and ample cargo space make it an ideal choice for women drivers.

Kia Forte: Sporty and Feature-Rich

The Kia Forte is available in five different versions, each catering to different preferences. With a range of impressive safety features and an emphasis on fuel economy, it’s a versatile option for female drivers.

BMW X1: Practicality Meets Performance

The BMW X1 is a fun-to-drive SUV with practical features like a spacious cargo area and easy-to-fold rear seats. Its combination of performance and practicality earns it a spot on our list.

Hyundai Tucson: Economical and Family-Friendly

The 2023 Hyundai Tucson is an affordable option with a focus on fuel efficiency and interior space. With various engine options, including hybrid and plug-in hybrid, it caters to a range of preferences. Its safety features make it particularly suitable for families with children.

In Conclusion

The SUV market offers a wide range of choices for women drivers, with options that cater to various preferences and priorities. From fuel-efficient hybrids to compact luxury models, there are good SUVs for women that provide safety, comfort, and an enjoyable driving experience. By considering factors such as performance, space, and advanced safety features, women can find the perfect SUV to suit their needs and lifestyle in 2023.

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