Waco’s Pioneering Dental Practices: Luxury Meets Oral Health in Texas

February 7, 2024
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Waco, Texas, has emerged as a hub for leading companies in various industries. Among these, the dental industry stands out with its numerous companies offering cutting-edge solutions and the highest-quality services. This article celebrates these companies, and in particular, those that have chosen Waco as their headquarters. From family-centered dentistry to specialized oral and facial surgery services, these companies represent a broad specter of dental offerings in Waco and contribute to the well-being of the community.

These companies range from those offering affordable dental care for underprivileged populations, to manufacturers of dental devices. Some are education-centric, committed to training the next generation of healthcare professionals. Some others focus on applying the most advanced technology in their practices to ensure the best possible patient experience and results. Here, we will delve into each of these companies, unveiling their unique offerings, and their commitment to excellent dental care.

While the dental industry represents a competitive ecosystem, the companies highlighted here share a common goal – they strive to ensure the highest level of oral health and customer satisfaction. Each company puts its patients at the heart of everything they do, from offering innovative solutions to ensuring unparalleled patient care. Without further ado, let us explore these diverse dental companies that Waco has to offer.

Waco Family Medicine

In the quest for holistic primary healthcare services, Waco Family Medicine stands out. They provide medical, dental, financial assistance, lab, and radiology services. In addition to this, they embark on the mission to enhance community health by educating family physicians and healthcare professionals. Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn

Summit Dental Lab

Summit Dental Lab offers top-notch dental solutions in the health care and manufacturing industry. As a leader in dental healthcare, Summit Dental delivers exceptional service and state-of-the-art dental devices. Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn

Hillcrest Dental Care

Hillcrest Dental Care is known for its comprehensive range of patient-centred dental services. They specialize in everything from total tooth replacement to cosmetic tooth bonding and sedation dentistry. Facebook

Brazos Oral & Facial Surgery

Brazos Oral & Facial Surgery specialize in a full array of oral surgery procedures, including dental implant placements, bone grafting procedures, jaw realignment surgery, and facial trauma injury treatments. Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn

Columbus Avenue Smiles

Columbus Avenue Smiles offers a wide range of general and cosmetic dentistry services, including porcelain veneers, bridges, gum care, white fillings, preventative care, root canals. Twitter | Facebook

Stonewood Dental

Delivering services such as fillings, crowns, sealants, periodontal therapy, root canals, and IV sedation, Stonewood Dental is dedicated to comprehensive dental care. Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn

Route 32 Dental

Route 32 Dental is a child-friendly dental care facility offering services such as orthodontics, emergency dental care, preventive dentistry, restorative dentistry, and sedation dentistry. Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn

Collins and Green Orthodontics

Collins and Greer Orthodontics offers oral surgery and two-phase treatment, specializing in dental braces, including ceramic-metal brace, and clear aligners. Facebook

Acre Wood Dental

Acre Wood Dental is a trusted provider of dental healthcare services. Twitter | Facebook

Waco Oral Surgery

At Waco Oral Surgery, they offer a broad spectrum of procedures ranging from wisdom teeth extractions, dental implants, to treatment of facial pain and injuries. Facebook | LinkedIn

Creekwood Dental Arts

Last but not least, Creekwood Dental Arts offers exceptional dental services at their world-class dental facility. Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn

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