Unveiling Sunnyvale’s Fashion Pioneers: An Insight into Levi Keswick

February 8, 2024
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Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, Sunnyvale, California is a hotspot for startups and established companies of all types. Nestled amongst the tech giants, a number of fashion industry companies have decided to make Sunnyvale their home base. These innovators are bringing their own unique blend of style and technology to the world of fashion. Whether it’s using technology to create unique wearable pieces or leveraging AI for improved online shopping experiences, these businesses contribute immensely to the dynamic fashion landscape. Here are some of the key players in the fashion industry—companies you should definitely know about — all based in Sunnyvale.

Mandala Scrubs

Founded by Kaustubh Varma, Mandala Scrubs specializes in basic essential design scrubs. Catering to the scientific and nursing community, they provide essential gear making your scrub shopping experience easier. Their creations not only make professionals look good but also create a difference because for every set of scrubs sold, Mandala Scrubs donates a set to a healthcare provider in need. You can follow them on Twitter @mandalascrubs or visit their Facebook page for more information.

Ada Diamonds

Ada Diamonds, the brainchild of founders Jason Payne and Lindsay Reinsmith, sells high quality diamond jewelry through a seamless and responsible design and production process. Their lab-grown diamonds are not only more environmentally friendly but also beautifully crafted into meaningful pieces. To follow their dazzling story, you can find them on Facebook.


The founders of Wemero bring together a fusion of beauty, fashion, fitness, software and wellness. This diversified expertise is intricately woven into their company, resulting in an innovative approach to the fashion industry. To see what they are up to, follow them on Twitter @askwemero, or check out their Facebook and Linkedin pages.


Founded by ex-Google engineer Wei Zheng, Qury is developing advanced search technology fully dedicated to the fashion industry. With their flagship product, a mobile app, users can search for fashion products by styles or item names, promising an enhanced shopping experience. Their Android app can be downloaded here and their iOS app can be downloaded here.

Affective Markets

Affective Markets is a brand marketing and e-commerce company in the fashion sector. With their unique approach and use of technology, they are transforming how businesses market and sell their products online. Connect with them on Linkedin.


At Vaja, they see the importance of individuality. Specializing in leather goods, Vaja creates custom, handmade leather products to suit any personality. Their exquisite craftsmanship and attention to detail are visible in their products and website. You can follow them on Twitter @Vaja_cases, or on their Facebook or Linkedin pages.


Founded by Kris Woodbeck, Pcsso provides an API for product suggestion based on image search, encompassing a wide variety of product types – anything from fashion to electronics. By doing so, they are greatly enhancing the online shopping experience.


Locogram is a proprietary technology platform that brings all small to medium size women’s clothing stores onto a single shopping platform. Their advanced machine learning techniques automatically extract all the products, categories and relevant product information from retailers’ websites to create dedicated storefronts on Locogram. You can follow them on Twitter @locograminfo or check out their Facebook page.


Funded by Abuzar Amini, Langtian Lang, and Mike Bidgoli, tote is a beautifully curated social shopping app by stylists and fashion bloggers. It’s like having your own personal stylist at your fingertips. Check them out on their Facebook page.


UsTrendy, founded by Sam Sisakhti, allows you to shop and discover one-of-a-kind fashions from all over the world. They provide a platform for independent fashion designers to sell their products and help democratize the fashion industry. You can follow them on Twitter @UsTrendy or visit their Facebook page.

Decadent Minimalist

Decadent Minimalist is all about reinventing simple things that have significant impact in our everyday lives. Their first product, the DM wallet, is a testament to their dedication to achieve the utmost quality and functionality without compromising on style. Follow their journey on Facebook.

In conclusion, these companies embody the innovative spirit that’s prevalent in Sunnyvale, California. From offering technologically advanced shopping solutions to creating distinct pieces of wearable art, they continue to redefine the fashion industry in unique ways. Despite the challenges in the dynamic world of fashion, they exhibit an unwavering commitment towards pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.

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