Dordrecht: Netherlands Fashion Hub Shaping Global Luxury Trends and Styles

February 8, 2024
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In the fashion scene, the city of Dordrecht in Zuid-Holland, The Netherlands, is a dynamic hub. It is home to a roster of fashion companies that are undeniably shaping the retail landscape. This article is part of a curated series intended to spotlight the brilliant firms operating out of Dordrecht, and give our readers an insight into the region’s unique fashion industry.

The diversity of these companies not only offers a broad spectrum of style choices to consumers, but also helps to fuel a healthy competitive environment for industry growth. All companies featured are definitively marked by an unmistakeable commitment to quality and innovation. From creatively redefining e-commerce and sales to bringing forth variations in lifestyle and footwear, these companies orchestrate an array of remarkable offerings.

This piece serves as an introduction to some of Dordrecht’s finest in the world of fashion. Each company overview provides a brief profile and links to their official websites and major social media platforms, enabling our readers to further engage with them. The following list is compiled in no particular order and aims to bring attention to the companies that are pushing the boundaries and demanding the world’s attention.

Scum Clothing

Description and history for Scum Clothing


Description and history for Badgeboy


Description and history for Budoworldshop

Superior Clothing

Description and history for Superior Clothing

PANGE horloges

Description and history for PANGE horloges


Description and history for Vainduckling

Sweet & Lovable

Description and history for Sweet & Lovable

No28 wonen & lifestyle

Description and history for No28 wonen & lifestyle


Description and history for Mary5, founded by Mary Wu

Styled by JML

Description and history for Styled by JML

Sugar & Spikes

Description and history for Sugar & Spikes

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