Unveiling Aurora, Colorado: Spotlight on Luxury Beauty Industry Titans

February 6, 2024
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Welcome to another installment of our series that uncovers exceptional companies operating in the Beauty industry across the United States. Today, the spotlight is on Aurora, Colorado, a vibrant city that houses some renowned names in this sector. Blending innovation and customer service, these enterprises are creating new benchmarks and are the pride of their community. From makers of personal care products to wellness and tech-oriented platforms, let’s explore these amazing companies in detail.

Colorado Quality Products

Born with a vision to amalgamate cutting-edge R&D with stellar customer service, Colorado Quality Products has emerged as a prominent name in the world of personal care products. Following the firm principle of ‘partnership in beauty’, the Colorado-base company has relied on its business partners for growth and success. Whether you’re a customer or a potential collaborator, you can get in touch via the contact email and phone numbers available on their website.


Next up on our radar is a dynamic beauty tech enterprise, BoldHue. Established in 2019 in Aurora, BoldHue is revolutionizing the beauty sphere with its cutting-edge AI Technology. Its Bluetooth-enabled handheld device scans faces and effortlessly matches the facial color, dispensing the precise pigmentation into the base foundation. This blend of beauty and technology positions BoldHue at the forefront of innovation.

Zap Laser Center

Founded by Milana Markarian, the Zap Laser Center stands as an epitome of beauty, fitness, and wellness. Catering to a diverse clientele, the company’s services are driving a new narrative in the personal healthcare industry. For the latest updates about Zap Laser Center, follow their profiles on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Hair RX

Tammy Jimenez’s brainchild, Hair RX, is not just a company but a testament to her passion for the beauty industry and unparalleled customer service. Being a specialist in beauty, cosmetics, and healthcare, Hair RX has carved out a niche for itself. Visitors can check out further details on its official website and also stay updated on latest offerings via their social media channels on Facebook and LinkedIn.

M3 Resources

M3 Resources is not just another beauty company. What sets it apart is its dynamic presence in the beauty, e-commerce, healthcare, and retail space. Delivering quality products and services, M3 Resources is making waves in the industry, and you can follow their journey on their Facebook page.

Dolly’s Custom Nails LLC

Located at 15258 E Hampden Ave, Aurora, Dolly’s Custom Nails LLC is a premier name in the beauty industry. Known for their quality and customised approach, they are definitely worth a visit when in Aurora.

As we come to an end of this edition focused on Aurora’s contribution to the beauty industry, we hope that these businesses continue to create ripples of innovation and customer satisfaction. Stay tuned for our next article as we journey through more US cities and discover more influential names in the industry.

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