Fresno’s Finest: Unveiling Beauty Industry Leaders Headquartered in California’s Heartland

February 6, 2024
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Fresno, California is much more than a bustling agricultural epicenter. It is home to a growing number of globally-recognized beauty companies which have left indelible marks in the beauty industry. Diverse in their offerings, from hair solutions to holistic medical spas, these companies are driving innovation and providing luxury beauty services. This article will take you on a brief tour of these companies, highlighting their industry impact, origins and offerings.

Each of these Fresno-based companies offer specialized products or services, contributing to the health, beauty and wellness of their patrons while enhancing the reputation of Fresno in the global beauty industry. From wig solutions to skincare, get to know these companies that are raising the bar for beauty standards and customer service.

While you may be familiar with some of these companies, others may be new discoveries. In either case, we trust this exploration will not only enlighten but also inspire you. So sit back, relax, and get ready to meet the movers and shakers shaping the beauty industry in Fresno.

Strut Hair Solutions Wig Store

Strut Hair Solutions Wig Store offers unique solutions in beauty, fashion and health care. The company operates both in customer service and sculpture design in Fresno. Though the company does not list its founders, it has marked a firm identity in the industry with its high-quality wig supplies. The company also maintains an active social media presence, particularly on LinkedIn.

Body del Sol Medical Spa

With its stellar team of board certified medical directors, registered nurses, medical assistants, estheticians and therapists, Body del Sol Medical Spa offers an amalgamation of beauty, fitness, health care, and wellness services. The startup offers medical grade skin rejuvenation services alongside organic skin care, promising a natural you, only better. Connect with them on their Facebook and LinkedIn accounts.


Founded by Nazar Malakan, this company boasts of a fantastic range of beauty and jewelry manufacturing services. For an impressive showcase of their exquisite collections, be sure to check out their Facebook page.

Behr Laser & Skin Care Center

Specializing in beauty, cosmetic surgery, health care, and technical support, the Behr Laser & Skin Care Center is a prominent presence in Fresno’s beauty industry. Catch glimpses of their work on their Facebook page.

Duncan Cosmetics

Duncan Cosmetics is a beauty brand that brings several cosmetic lines under its umbrella namely Lique, Tattoo Junkie, Remi Rose, and BE Beauty Essentials. Part of the Duncan Enterprises, it constitutes a substantial part of the cosmetic scene in Fresno.

Spectrum Day Spa

Founded by Sharon Cox, Spectrum Day Spa is synonymous with beauty, health care, retail, and wellness in Fresno. Check them out on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages for an insight into their services.

The burgeoning beauty industry in Fresno continues to raise the bar in providing not only innovative but also highly sophisticated beauty services and products. These highlighted companies stand proof to the depth, diversity, and determination of the beauty industry in Fresno. Stay tuned as we explore more beauty companies thriving in the heart of California.

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