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Ultimate Experiential Luxury Brands To Try In 2020

April 1, 2020
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Experiential luxury has burst onto the scene with its attractive offer of making your life vivid and memorable.

Sure, you experience traditional luxury and be happy in the moment. Experiential luxury gives you time to look back on in the future, as well as an amazing experience.

That’s the reason why it’s become so sought after – so we thought to give you the top 5 ultimate brands offering something unique, something that simply rises above the rest. You can’t miss these brands this year!


This product was recommended by Amber Rouleau from Rouleau Communications

Fliteboard customers (many of whom are ultra-high net worth individuals) talk of Fliteboarding – the company is literally creating a new sport – like wakeboarding, but no sail, wind, or waves required. Fliteboard is the world’s first unibody e-foil – an innovative work of art for an exceptional leisure, adventure, and fitness experience. Easy to learn, riders literally fly above the water, quietly – without a sail, waves or wind, or leaving a wake – at up to 27mph, completely emission free. Fliteboard is an electric powered hydrofoil surfboard with award-winning design and engineering for superior stability and propulsion – with incomparable luxury details like Innegra carbon fiber from Italy and Fliteboard electronics and gearbox (including the Flite Controller – the smallest and smartest on the market, and a magnetic virtual leash). The Flitebox prevents overheating in a safer, more natural way than any other eFoil system, and the eFoil motor is inside the patented unibody fuselage, where no other motor has gone before. Created by David Trewern, a kite surfing world record holder and career innovation man, he’s designed the highest performance water machine packed with innovation and built from the highest quality materials. There are three boards available to suit different rider weights and needs. Finishes, wings, and other components can be configured to suit anyone’s personal style.


This product was recommended by Mikey Wu from MIKOL

The company is a real marble lifestyle accessory brand from San Francisco. They are utilizing a luxury construction material into everyday lifestyle products. Utilizing modern technology and minimalist designs to make it hip and functional. For instance, the wireless charger is not just a common high speed wireless charging pad. It has a luxurious piece of Spanish marble that fits beautifully into your home decor as well.

Zenga Sneakers for Farfetch

This product was recommended by D. Gilson from CarInsuranceCompanies

Luxury sneakers have been seeing a renaissance in recent years to the point where luxury brands, such as Ermenegildo Zenga, are allowing their high-end customers to help design the shoes themselves. From choosing colors to stripes, add-ons to laces, this helps customers feel they are part of the design process, and I personally love it.

Salon de Parfums, Harrods

This product was recommended by Katie Dames from Feely Feelings

The lavish Salon de Parfums by Harrods, with its crystal chandelier and polished marble, is one of the ultimate experiential luxury brands. It allows you to experience some of the best and most unique fragrances, with 25 hand-selected brands. If you’re looking for wonderful perfumes that you won’t find anywhere else, Salon de Parfums is for you.

Yummy DIY Mini Scarf Knitting Kit

This product was recommended by Jessica Meyrowitz from It’s a…Yummy

It’s a…Yummy DIY Mini Scarf Knitting Kit is a unique and luxurious gift for yourself or someone else. It is a perfect product for the person who wants something special, fashionable, mindful, meditative, interactive, wellness-focused and different. Most importantly – it is portable – a perfect gift for the mom looking for a creative and mindful activity while on the go!! The cost is $65 and it is available on my website itsayummy.

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