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7 Luxury Brands Pioneering Eco-Friendly Living

April 1, 2020
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A new wave of luxury has arrived. These brands are not only leading the field when it comes to quality and a truly luxury experience, their popularity also comes from their eco-friendly approach. 

You can really feel the sustainably sourced materials and ethical manufacturing in the essence of their products. This new form of luxury is so special that we decided more people need to know about their existence. 

Here are the 7 luxury brands worth your attention this year. Expect to be amazed.

I Love My Nighty

This product was recommended by Maureen Barillaro from I Love My Nighty

This brand has worked tirelessly to create a line of loungewear that is the softest on Earth. Gentle on both your skin and the planet. Using the natural, botanic fibers from TENCEL™, this fabric has been made with a minimal impact on the environment from start to finish. This brand goes beyond the fabric and ensures that all packaging uses the bare minimum needed and is made from recycled content and is 100% compostable. By using suppliers and manufacturers in the USA we significantly reduce the carbon footprint of the products.


This product was recommended by Rattana Kim from Neato

The Neato D7 is a premium robot vacuum that you can customize and schedule daily cleaning along the walls, corners and pick up 99% of pet hair, tough debris, tiny dust mites and allergens, especially in hard-to-reach places under furniture and in the dark, without lifting a finger.

Ascot Manor

This product was recommended by Marissa Hoffmann from The Tesla Group

Be one of the first to take a step in the right direction, either on-the-court, on the street, or anywhere your heart desires with Ascot Manor’s newest Members Only collection! Combining everything you know and love about athleisure wear this brand will have you looking your best, and feeling it as well. Made with the highest quality ethically sourced performance materials that cause minimal environmental impact including Oeko-Tex Standard 100 and SGS Printing. And not to be a showoff, but the brand also has another hidden message of helping advance and sponsor under-resourced competitive junior tennis players through their ‘Lower The Net’ initiative which re-invests a portion of sales back into Ascot Manor. The collection price points range from $30.00 – $100.00 USD.

Nudie Jeans

This product was recommended by Mike from Couple Travel the World

Leave it to the Swedes to create the best fitting, hippest jeans around while staying true to their sustainability values. They use all organic-denim, 100% organic cotton and practice sustainable production by paying a living wage. Plus they offer free repairs for life and give you a 20% discount on new jeans when you trade-in your old ones. At $200 to $400 a pop, the jeans aren’t cheap, but for once you’re paying for more than just a label.

Vessel Bags

This product was recommended by Krystal Reynoso from Ignite Visibility

Vessel Bags is a company that build luxury products that support disruptive brands, athletes and professionals to fulfill their purpose. In addition to using Micro-suede Synthetic Leather (vegan approved), Vessel has committed to donate a school backpack to a child in need. Additionally, Vessel launched a Buy A Bag, Give a Bag program which has helped provide over 27,000 school backpacks to children around the world.

Clean Origin

This product was recommended by Haley Anhut from Clean Origin

As the demand for ethically sourced diamonds continues to grow, our founders saw the opportunity to join the man-made diamond movement and offer millennials a gorgeous mined diamond alternative that also provides peace of mind.

DeMellier London

This product was recommended by Leslie Kasperowicz from Insurantly

DeMellier handbags are handcrafted by local artisans in Spain using local materials and in limited quantities to reduce waste. The company’s commitment to socially conscious operations is also represented by their A Bag, A Life initiative. For every handbag purchased, DeMellier funds a set of vaccines for a child in Somalia and Zambia.

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