Top Uses for an Empty Basement

Top Uses for an Empty Basement

May 27, 2020
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An empty basement is a prime location to devote to your specific interests. In contrast to other rooms, which often serve multipurpose roles as you move between them in your daily routine, the basement is separate from the rest of the home because it sits underneath it. This gives it a more peripheral feel and allows you to get away with specializing it beyond a normal room. However, for all its potential, many people tend to leave their basements as unorganized storage spaces. If you want to bring new vitality to your own basement, look at these top uses for an empty basement for inspiration.

Wine Cellar

Any wine enthusiast will appreciate a committed wine cellar in which to store their cherished drinks and age them in optimal conditions. Look into wine-specific shelving that will safely hold your bottles while giving the cellar an elegant, luxurious style. Prepare your basement for renovation and seal it off from external elements by finishing the walls, flooring, and ceiling. You’ll need to install cooling units to keep the basement at the right temperature during the warm seasons of the year, and you might also need heating for the winter. The safe temperature range to shoot for is around 45 to 65 F.

Home Theater

You can easily view films and shows in the living room or even on your computer, but you may want a dedicated theater where you can sit back without background noise or light pollution and immerse yourself in your favorite movies and series. The basement’s physical disconnectedness from the rest of the home makes it well-suited for this role. You can go all out with surround sound, comfy seating, and dimming lights, all centered around a large projected screen.

Home Gym

If exercise is one of your main priorities, a top use for an empty basement would be a home gym. With the right equipment, you’ll never need to worry about external circumstances that could prevent you from getting to a gym. Instead, you can complete your workouts whenever you need to right in your house. Outfit the basement with sturdy shock-absorbing flooring. Concrete or wood with rubber mats are popular choices. Make sure you have proper lighting, including electric lights and windows, so that you can prevent injuries. Then, bring in the machines and weights that you need to finish off the room.

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