Important Home Projects to Do in the Summer

Important Home Projects to Do in the Summer

May 12, 2020
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No matter where you live, COVID-19 impacts all of us. With stay-at-home orders all over the country, many people now have lots of time on their hands. Regardless, if you’re stuck at home but want something to do, consider any of these important home projects to do in the summer. Your home will thank you.

Power Wash the Driveway

Unfortunately, your driveway accumulates tons of dirt and debris. Your driveway is consistently trampled on by both feet and tires. This makes it easy for your driveway to collect dirt, bugs, lawn debris, or other unwanted materials. Fortunately, you can easily clean this part of your home with a power washer. Power washers are high-powered jets of water that can clean even hard-to-reach areas. Do this once a week to keep your driveway spotless.

Repaint the Door and Siding

Depending on your home’s age, the paint on your door and siding can wither, peel, or chip away. This is an unfortunate look for any home. Discolored, peeling paint shows a home in disarray. Still, you can avoid this with a new coat of paint. Hide any scratches, chips, or other disfigurations with the paint and give your home a fresh look.

Install New Windows

Your windows may also have issues. Cracks or loose window seals are the perfect locations to collect moisture. During rainy periods, water can collect in the windowsill and cause mold growth. Also, cracks or openings create drafts, which can add to your home’s energy costs. Avoid these issues with brand-new windows. You’ll save money and protect your health in the meantime.

Inspect for Pests

You’re not the only one who enjoys sunny, warm weather. Summer is the perfect time for birds, wasps, rodents, insects, or other pests to inhabit your home. The crawlspace, basement, and beneath the patio are all prime locations for creepy crawlers. Check these areas for nests or droppings. Likewise, check your outside light fixtures for bird and wasp nests. While you can handle these pests yourself, you may want to hire a professional exterminator to ensure they don’t come back.

Clean the Gutters

The last important summer home project to do is clean your gutters. Unless you have gutter guards, your rain gutters can clog. Clogged gutters have their own series of issues, such as roof damage, window damage, flooded basements, and pests. A lot of your other summer home projects may stem from clogged rain gutters. If you find yourself constantly cleaning your gutters, call a professional gutter installation service to install gutter guards and protect them from debris.

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