Top Reasons to Use Egyptian Cotton

Top Reasons to Use Egyptian Cotton

June 2, 2020
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Nobody wants a horrible night’s sleep, nobody wants to wear cheap or uncomfortable clothes, and nobody wants to suffer through constantly buying bed sheets or towels again and again. Unfortunately, you will if you don’t use Egyptian cotton. As one of the most premium fabrics available, Egyptian cotton outperforms synthetic and even some other natural fabrics by a landslide. Just read these top reasons to use Egyptian cotton to find out more.

It’s from an ancient cotton plant

Historically, this type of cotton comes from an Egyptian strain of the cotton plant. Egypt has an important role to play in the history of fabric, having perfected early forms of textile production known as weighted looms and two-beam looms. This helped them manufacture textiles out of the Egyptian cotton plant. Egyptian cotton also proved to be a valuable resource on the Silk Road Trade Route between Rome and China. From there, Egyptian cotton became a sought-out luxury for royalty. Anyone with a strong sense of style knows natural luxury fabrics, like Egyptian cotton, make for a stronger fabric than synthetics anyway.

It’s long-lasting

With that said, there are many reasons why people opt for Egyptian cotton over regular cotton. The main one is that it is long-lasting. As aforementioned, the high-quality cotton fibers assure you of its durability. The thread has a high-stress resistance meaning, you can put through some scrutinous wear before it becomes worn out. Replace your older fabrics with this Egyptian cotton to save yourself time and money.

Your body will thank you

Egyptian cotton is also notoriously soft. Your body will thank you for the wonderful night’s sleep you’ll experience. Older and cheaper fabrics can leave you feeling stiff, grimy, and unhappy, but the gentle nature of this material ensures your relief. It might even feel like laying on a cloud. Another perk of its softness is that you do not need to break it in. Unlike synthetic fabrics that you must prewash, wash, and dry cycle to break in, Egyptian cotton does require this treatment. Instead, you will see how a high-quality fabric like this one is a true winner.

It’s luxurious

The last reason to use Egyptian cotton is that it’s luxurious. From ancient history to the modern-day, people know Egyptian cotton to be a status symbol. After all, not everyone can afford to sleep well. That is where even a simple switch to Egyptian cotton comes in handy. Once you have seen and felt the awesome power of the 500-thread count, you will not want to use another type of bedding fabric again. Some things are worth the investment—Egyptian cotton is one of them.

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