Tokyo’s Elite Auction Houses: Unveiling Fashion’s Ultimate Luxury Marketplace

February 6, 2024
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Welcome to another exciting feature of Levi Keswick, where we delve into the heart of Tokyo, the bustling capital city of Japan that is not only renowned for its technological advancements but also its unique style and fashion. In this edition, we’ll be highlighting various companies that are making their mark in the nascent yet flourishing Auction industry. Ranging from luxury goods to second-hand items, these companies represent a diverse array of industries including eCommerce, B2B, Big Data, and the sharing economy. Driven by high-tech solutions, these companies are reshaping the auction industry and providing consumers with a variety of options to choose from.

As a cradle of innovation, Tokyo has given birth to numerous innovative businesses. The auction industry is no exception. Despite the traditional nature of auctioning, these Tokyo-based companies have redefined the market by leveraging digital platforms to expand their reach and influence. They have created an ecosystem where the old and new, the avant-garde and traditional, intermingle to produce something extraordinary.

From exclusive online marketplaces for event tickets, unique portals for second-hand items, to a space for auctioning jewelry and precious metals, the Tokyo-based auction industry is a kaleidoscope of vibrant businesses waiting to be explored. Join us as we take a closer look at these companies that are blazing a trail in the auction industry.

aucfan Co.,Ltd.

Founded by Nishiki Takashi and Yoshiyuki Tajima, aucfan is the only company in Japan that offers comprehensive eCommerce price data from the United States, China, and Japan. With more than 800 million data aggregated, the company offers a treasure trove of information for consumers and retailers alike. Aucfan’s future plans involve expanding its services for B2B consumers and building its global presence. Connect with them on @Aucfan on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Kei Nishiyama and Sho Yamamoto started ticketstreet as an online platform for Japan’s secondary ticket market. Just like in the United States, users can buy and sell tickets for concerts, sports, and theatre events in Japan. Keep up-to-date with them via their Facebook page and on Twitter @ticketst.


Zawatt, helmed by founders Daisaku Harada, Nobuaki Suzuki, and Tatsuya Yamamoto, specializes in developing C2C marketplaces. The company offers platforms for trading second-hand items, exchanging skills, and more. Follow them on Twitter @zawatt_pr.

Yahoo! Japan

A pivotal player in auctions, internet, and the search engine industry, Yahoo! Japan is the Japanese subsidiary of Yahoo, a global technology leader. It offers auctions in diverse areas and keeps its users intrigued with far-reaching products spanned over a variety of areas. Stay in touch via @yahoo_japan_pr on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Net Japan

Net Japan is a general trading company that buys and sells gold, platinum, silver, palladium, diamonds, jewelry, and branded watches. Stay up to date via @NJ_jiganebu on Twitter.


Auctown operates in the auctions, e-Commerce, and search engine industry. This Tokyo-based company provides a well-crafted solution for auction demands.

Shinwa Auction

Shinwa Auction, one of the known names in the auction industry, provides a myriad of ways to get your desired products. Find more about them on their Facebook page.


CellBridge specializes in online auctions, POS (Point of Sale), and social media advertising. The company was founded in 2010 and is based in Tokyo.


Specializing in auctions, consulting, management consulting, and Pet industry, PriPet operates in the unique niche of pet-related services.


Troica provides an online platform where users can buy and sell used cars through auction. Connect with Troica on Facebook via their page Facebook.


Operating in the realm of auctions, information services, and real estate, GREEN-JH is solidifying its presence in these industries. Stay connected via LinkedIn.

These companies operating in the auction industry have made Tokyo their home, thriving amidst the city’s dynamic landscape. As a primary hub for technology and innovation, Tokyo provides the perfect environment for these companies to grow, expand, and revolutionize the auctions industry.

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