San Francisco Auction House Insights: Chronicles of Luxury Connoisseurism

February 6, 2024
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Welcome to the flourishing world of Auctions industry in the heart of California, San Francisco. The auctions industry is dynamic and continually diversifying, and San Francisco is home to numerous trailblazing businesses that are revolutionizing the auctions landscape. Ranging from E-commerce, gaming to developer platforms, these firms are making significant inroads in the sector.

This series of articles aims to spotlight these innovative companies, their development, and the significant strides they are making in the auctions industry. Giving detailed insights into their founding, company offerings, location, and influence on the industry.

The highlighted companies are firmly establishing San Francisco as a hub for the auctions industry. We’ll explore some of the businesses based in the bustling city that are set to have a profound impact on the auctions industry in the coming years.


Co-founded by Jamil Rahman, Aucto is an online marketplace for surplus industrial assets. This unique platform allows companies to identify, evaluate, and resell their surplus assets in private and public marketplaces. Aucto, which connects sellers directly to buyers, is contributing significantly to the auctions industry in San Francisco. Connect with Aucto on Twitter and LinkedIn.


San Francisco is home to Mixamo, an end-to-end, web-based suite of tools revolutionizing 3D character creation, rigging, and animation. This VC-funded company was founded by Stefano Corazza and is based on research from Stanford University’s BioMotion lab. Mixamo is making a significant impact on the auctions industry, with several thousand paying customers and a substantial monthly website visit. Stay connected with Mixamo on Twitter and Facebook.


Founded by Denis Abrams, Marty Cornish, and Oliver Harriehausen, EasyPaint is transforming the auctions industry with its innovative marketplace. Customers can post painting-related requests to receive bids from certified painters, avoiding the need for in-home estimates. Connect with them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Susan Coelius Keplinger and Zach Coelius founded G4Native. The company, securely sitting at the intersection of Ad Retargeting, Advertising, Auctions, Internet, offers a free assessment and analysis of your retargeting needs, providing you with a unique angle to maximize your return on investments. Find them on Twitter and Facebook.


Auctomatic is a management system for auction and marketplace sellers, recognised for its efficiency and versatility. Founded by Harjeet Taggar, John Collison, and Kulveer Taggar, the company is part of Y Combinator and offers support to individual sellers looking to maximize profits. Connect with Auctomatic on Twitter.


Co-founded by Arda Ulusoy and Cuneyt Medetoglu, Bidr offers a reverse auction-based marketplace. Sellers can actively seek out buyers and bid to sell more, enhancing the industry with cutting-edge offerings. Keep up with Bidr on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Bounce, founded by Chandler Song and Ryan Fang, is a sleek addition to the Auctions industry. It is revolutionizing the sector with its blockchain and cryptocurrency offerings. You can follow the company’s latest updates on Twitter.

PlanetOut, Inc.

Co-founded by Tom Rielly, PlanetOut, Inc. is a global online media company serving the LGBT community. With its network of websites, it presents an innovative addition to the online auction industry. Stay updated with the company on Twitter.


Ecast, a leader in place-based interactive media, offers digital music, games, and entertainment to bars and nightclubs across the United States. This San Francisco-based company has wrought significant change in the auctions industry with its innovative services. Connect with Ecast on Twitter and LinkedIn.


Co-founded by Gabe Boscana, Jesse Seaver, Natalie Van Dusen, and Patrick Chaffey, NewCrop offers a unique green coffee auction platform. It enables one farmer to sell directly to one-or-many roasters simultaneously. Stay updated with NewCrop’s latest happenings on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Online Warmongers

Online Warmongers, established by Sergey Titov, provides a Battle Zone community for online multiplayer combat-based games, offering a unique angle to the auctions industry. Connect with them on Facebook.

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