Tips for Making Your Dining Room Look More Expensive

Tips for Making Your Dining Room Look More Expensive

September 1, 2022
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Are you looking to add some indulgence to your dining room without tanking your budget? Let us inspire you with our helpful tips for making your dining room look more expensive in an affordable way!

Add a Floral Arrangement

What’s better than walking into a room and being struck with the aroma of a stunning floral arrangement? If you ask us, nothing! A center floral arrangement to your dining table instantly adds luxury and elegance to any dining room.

You can opt for something simple and elegant or a full-length table arrangement that will wow your guests! Floral arrangements are affordable, and you can even make them yourself to tailor the arrangement exactly to what you’re looking for in your dining room!

Switch to Gold Flatware

One of the easiest tricks for making your dining room look more expensive is swapping out the silverware for gold flatware. It’s simple, affordable, and instantly adds a touch of luxury to your table.

Gold flatware can fit into practically any design aesthetic, whether you’re into traditional or modern décor, flawlessly. They may look opulent, but you can pick up gold flatware at almost any home and garden store.

Get New Table Linens

With new flatware, consider picking up some fresh linens for your dining table to enhance the room’s elegance. If you don’t already have one, a stylish tablecloth enriches every dining room and gives it a flair of sophistication.

It doesn’t have to be an extravagant cloth—a simple but high-quality table linen gets the job done at an affordable price.

Pro Tip: When deciding on your new tablecloth and flatware, it’s always best for the two to contrast so the tableware pops as accents instead of blending into the table.

Add a Simple Chandelier

Nothing fits better above a dining table than a beautiful chandelier to add atmospheric lighting to a room. Chandeliers were practically made to sit above a dining table and are an excellent focal point of the room décor.

With dining room chandeliers, some think that you need something flashy and elaborate, but a simple and refined mid-century modern chandelier can elevate any space, especially a dining room. A luxurious dining room doesn’t seem complete without a proper chandelier!

Install Decorative Moulding

A simple trick for adding character to a dining room is installing decorative crown molding on the walls. It makes any room feel more homey and elegant—ideal if you’re going for a traditional aesthetic.

You can pick up some decorative molding at your local home improvement store, and they’ll cut it and install it for you at a low cost. You can save even more money by installing it yourself—even if you’re not very handy, it’s an easy DIY project you can be proud of!

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