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The 6 Best Magazines For Luxury Holiday Inspiration

September 5, 2020
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Whether you’re currently looking for you’re next Holiday or just like to plan ahead, when it comes to luxury holidays these are our favourite magazines packed full of all the inspiration you could ever need. With a range of locations to choose from in each addition, these magazines prove luxury can be found wherever you choose to travel. Take a look to find your next perfect holiday. 

Vendome Guide to St Barts

This product was recommended by Stiles Bennet from WIMCO Villas

Why its one of the best luxury travel magazines. The Vendome Guide to St Barts provides an insiders view to what makes vacationing on St Barts so alluring – with features on top restaurants and their signature dishes, the best beaches, what to do, where to stay and more.


This product was recommended by Stacy Caprio from Deals Scoop

The American Express travel magazine called Departures is one of the best luxury travel magazines. It features luxury destinations, lifestyles, and more and is a great read for anyone interested in living a comfortable luxurious life and traveling.

Wings Air Helicopters

This product was recommended by Anna Macsai from Wings Air Helicopters

While travel outside the U.S. may still be restricted, travel within the country is still happening. A private helicopter charter may be your best and safest option for summer 2020 travels. Instead of boarding a plane with several passengers, your pilot will be the only other person on your flight. Wings Air Helicopters are sanitized before and after each trip, and (optional) headsets are thoroughly disinfected. Stay safe and travel in luxury with Wings Air this summer. Scenic tours are also available.


This product was recommended by Neolith from Neolith

Neolith, a premium, sustainable surfacing brand, is often specified for luxury hotels (and their restaurants headed by Michelin-star chefs) due to its aesthetic qualities and durability. The all-natural, man-made material is called Sintered Stone – it mimics the look of genuine stone, marble, granite and even wood, but is much more durable, stain-proof, scratch-proof, waterproof and ultra-hygienic. It’s also carbon neutral, and can be used for anything from swimming pools to coffee tables. With all the controversy currently surrounding how well hotels in the US are actually cleaning their rooms during the pandemic, a material like Sintered Stone is necessary. It can be cleaned even using the strongest cleaning agents required to combat coronavirus.

World Travel Magazine

This product was recommended by Ilse Dumont from Culinary Ambition

This Singapore based company made this glossy magazine in English, which makes it easier for foreigners to pick up a piece. No doubt that the finish is always nice and attractive but the content is equally interesting. We are foody professionals and they cover a lot of high end new and existing dining destinations. Texts are easy to read and the pictures that come with each article are of high quality. Besides the printed version, they also present a well organised website which covers plenty more subjects. It is easy to follow now that we moved to China.

LuxeGetaways Magazine

This product was recommended by Damon M. Banks from DamonBanks

LuxeGetaways Magazine brings a unique vision of today’s travel lifestyle to readers, and showcases the many experiences and trends that can inspire them to think outside of the box, pushing their boundaries to discover a whole new world of travel. Edited for the passionate traveler who lives and breathes to plan the next vacation, LuxeGetaways looks beyond the focus of travel experiences that only one percent of the population can afford by also bringing awareness to alternative options that still provide priceless memories while being more obtainable to a majority of the travelers who still desire an amazing getaway.

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