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September 30, 2020
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Although that’s not a bad thing, there are still some people out there who value high quality prints and that feeling of holding a premium magazine in their hands, a sensory experience that no smartphone or tablet can ever replace, no matter how high end they are. As you might expect it, most of these people are the rich and famous, the ones who can afford to always focus on quality rather than quantity. And that’s everything lifestyle publishers and luxury brands out there want to hear.

That doesn’t mean that the print versions exclude the digital, on the contrary, the publishers offer both options but no matter the medium, sophisticated luxury lifestyle magazines are what the wealthy read on a daily basis.

What is a Best Luxury Lifestyle Magazine?

A luxury lifestyle magazine is a publication that focuses on the over the top experiences of the wealthiest sector of society. If it’s fashion, it’s expensive, if it’s technology or travel, it’s exclusive. Each issue of a luxury lifestyle magazine is composed of a selection of articles about the most expensive things found in different sectors of life, the brands that provide them and the people who can afford them. The articles tend to focus on one subject at a time, allowing the reader to get as much information as he or she might wish to pursue, whilst demining it from others that might be irrelevant to that person.

What You Might Find in a Best Luxury Lifestyle Magazine

Topics and articles featured in a luxury lifestyle magazine will vary depending on which sector it focuses on. So if you’re interested in owning a private island, the issue might actually focus on that, giving information about how much just one island can cost, how many financial resources are required to buy one and how to build up the necessary funds. If you’re interested in the lifestyle of the wealthy and famous, the magazine may feature an article or two on their taste in fashion, how exactly they spend their weekends or what they cook in their kitchens. Indeed, most wealthy people like showing off their wealth, and who are we to blame them?

What Kind of Luxury Lifestyle Magazines Are There?

Entrepreneurs, professionals, high profile individuals with a taste for bespoke luxury tend to be the main audience for which luxury magazines are directed. Moreover, the magazine tends to focus on providing information for those who can afford to have them, which in most cases is the reason why the editorial team is made to be composed of professional journalists and not celebrities. This is also the main difference between an ordinary lifestyle magazine and a luxury lifestyle mag.

Some of the biggest names in the magazine industry have already entered the realm of luxury, as we’re so used to seeing Time, Forbes and Monocle take a spot on a desk of someone who loves the finer things in life. They’ve worked together to invent a name for their magazine and decided that the most appropriate way for them to market their luxury magazine is by not revealing which one it is they are referring to, since each one is geared towards an exclusive market. Only a few select know which one they are reading at the moment.

However if we were to give it a name, we’d bet that the industry will end up with two main camps. First, we can already see editors of luxury lifestyle magazines choosing to target specific groups. If this happens, some publishers will enter tie-ups with luxury hospitality brands, others with private fashion labels, and still others with luxury technology brands. What we don’t see is magazines entering the category if it applies to them: Luxury magazines targeting healthcare, getting together with luxury medical centres, or magazines featuring golf on their covers, teaming up with exclusive golf facilities. But you never know!

As for the titles… well, we’re sure that at least some will find it necessary to come up with witty names, only to find out that every popular celebrity has already taken them all. But who cares? It’ll hardly be about the name after all.

One trend we’re sure will prevail, however, is an increase of the role of online in luxury. As business models move towards online and mobile service, it’s highly likely that luxury publishers will follow that tactic. There are already many luxury brands filling their most valued clients’ wish lists online, and as times goes by and the younger generation gets more and more used to living their lives online, luxury magazines will focus on digital and online, meaning that some will be available online only.

Elements to Take into Consideration When Creating a Best Luxury Lifestyle Magazine

Content types

The content of a luxury lifestyle magazine can be all types that can be appropriately related to the topic. If the magazine targets the wealthiest individuals, it’s highly likely that it focuses on fashion, technology, travel and anything that can be considered the best in a certain sector. The magazine is divided by sectors and includes an article on each genre. The in-depth articles are related to a single subject.

Target market

If your luxury lifestyle magazine targets one certain sector it’s highly advised to start with that sector, meaning that if you’re going to target the billionaires, your magazine is about the luxury and the lifestyle of the super rich. The tone of voice is usually experienced and the paper quality will be fitting to the image that they want to project to the public.

If your magazine targets the high-end holidays market, then your tone of voice should be a pleasant read and the paper quality should be something that appeals to the reader. It should be something that makes them feel comfortable. In most cases, the target market is a young readership.


The message of a luxury lifestyle magazine is usually directed towards a certain kind of audience. That audience is usually composed of people who want to have a taste of that certain kind of luxury. The tone of voice is usually friendly, however there are some magazines that are geared to those who belong to that certain group of people and their articles will be oriented towards that group.


We tend to associate luxury with price. We’re not talking about the price of a print magazine but the price of a certain product. So once that is established you can determine your price too. You can calculate the price per page divided by the number of pages in the magazine which can give you an approximate price per page.

If you think the price is too expensive you can change it by adding more pages to the magazine. But considering that a luxury lifestyle magazine is for those who can spend more than average persons, you can have a high price tag.


A luxury lifestyle magazine can have a frequent or irregular publication. On the one hand, you can choose to publish monthly or quarterly while on the other you can choose to publish occasionally in one or two editions per year.

Monocle Magazine

This product was recommended by Christophe Viseux from Christophe Viseux Photography

It targets the affluent men, frequent travellers with an entrepreneur mindset. It is a global affairs and lifestyle magazine.

Gosha’s Organics

This product was recommended by Gosia Reed from Gosha’s Organics

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Luxury Lifestyle Mag

This product was recommended by Colin Matthews from Cookwared

LLM promotes brands that are experimental, eco-friendly, sustainable, provide ‘responsible’ luxury and try to give back to society. The pages showcase five-star travel, fine dining, exclusive property and interiors, luxury cars and yachts, high-end fashion, premium beauty, and male grooming. For finding the latest trends or up and coming designers or destinations LLM is perfect.

Robb Report

This product was recommended by Ali Rizvi from Dream Superhero

The Best Luxury Cars, Jets, Yachts, Travel, Watches.

Haute Living

This product was recommended by Ash Read from LivingCozy

Haute Living is a premier luxury lifestyle magazine with local editions in major US cities like New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Miami. The magazine is distributed on private jets and directly to its affluent subscribers. The Haute Living magazine features interviews with successful entrepreneurs and celebrities and also includes reviews of high-end products like supercars, jewelry, and watches. You’ll also find features on the finer things in life such as private travel and luxury yachts.

Buro 24/7

This product was recommended by Jessica Miller from Bike Inquire

Buro 24/7 has rapidly managed to establish itself as a force to be reckoned with online. The magazine has editors covering key emerging markets such as Singapore, Russia, the Middle East, Malaysia, and Mexico. Buro 24/7 targets affluent Millennials and Generation Z readers with fresh and upbeat content. Their editorial team consists of local micro-influencers who know the world and their local culture inside and out. They create a constant stream of fashion, beauty, lifestyle and culture content.

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