Sun Valley Spotlight: Exploring Elite Event Businesses in California

February 8, 2024
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When it comes to orchestrating stunning events and providing integral services to various industry sectors, Sun Valley, California is home to a host of companies that have significantly impacted these industries with their innovative approaches and quality service delivery. These trailblazing companies range from advertising and logistics to event management and retail services. With their headquarters nestled in the picturesque landscape of Sun Valley, these enterprises continue to contribute to the corporate ecosystem with their unique blend of creativity, expertise, and professionalism.


With a strong emphasis on crafting an authentic and relevant in-person experience, Evolve stands out as an innovative event marketing activation agency. Their comprehensive business portfolio extends to retail marketing services, event logistics, and management, in addition to marketing plan development. Through leveraging local insights and resources, Evolve ensures brand experiences resonate with the intended target audience. Connect with Evolve on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Treehouse Fabrication & Scenic

Treehouse Fabrication & Scenic is a creative agency renowned for providing a wide spectrum of services, including art direction, engineering firm partnerships, city code certifications, materials consulting and pricing, scenic fabrication, and many more. With their rich experience in creating exhibits, tradeshow activations, and entertainment sets, Treehouse Fabrication & Scenic continues to bring innovative designs to life. Engage with their journey on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Extra Fun Jumpers

As an exciting player in the event rental industry, Extra Fun Jumpers continuously injects fun into every event they contribute to. They provide a diverse range of options for their clients with their exceptional services. Follow Extra Fun Jumpers on Twitter and Facebook.

SirReel Studio Services

Providing an array of consumer electronics, event essentials, and rentals, SirReel Studio Services is a trusted partner in the industry with its various offerings, including air scrubbers, sanitising stations, and grip equipment. Follow SirReel Studio Services on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Premier Lighting and Production

Premier Lighting and Production is a dedicated event management company, offering top-notch lighting, rental, and sales services. With a knack for turning any event into a visually captivating experience, Premier Lighting and Production continue to make a name for themselves in the event industry. Connect with them on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Proshow Broadcast

With a focus on broadcasting and events, Proshow Broadcast brings a unique spin to the industry with its high-quality OB vehicles. The company has a fleet of seven HD production trucks that cover events including sports, entertainment, news, and corporate functions across the US.

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