Spotlight on Fishers, Indiana: Innovators in the Luxury Events Industry

February 8, 2024
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Welcome to another feature in our series highlighting businesses that shine in the realm of events and make the city of Fishers, Indiana, a hub of enterprise and innovation in the United States. From spectacularly dedicated event planners and production managers to organizations creating a buzz in the world of entertainment, sports and even religion, there’s a fantastic diversity across the industry. Without any further ado, let’s turn to our first highlight.

Our initial point of interest is The Wellington, which you can also find on Facebook and LinkedIn. Founded by Cami O’Herren, The Wellington is an all-rounder catering and event services company, offering an extensive range of services for myriad occasions from weddings to corporate events and social gatherings. Whether you require theme-based food stations, traditional plating, or cocktail services, the team at The Wellington has you covered.

131 Event Productions

Next, we look at the trailblazing company that’s making waves in the industry of event management, 131 Event Productions. It’s not just about organizing and coordinating events; they take it one step further, encompassing sports into their line of work. Busy making successful names of runners, cyclists, and swimmers, they’re gaining a loyal following, seen clearly on their Facebook and LinkedIn accounts.

The Wesleyan Church

On quite a different tangent now, we move onto the multifaceted The Wesleyan Church. This organization is more than just a place of worship and provides not only religious services but also aims to enrich communities through education and children’s engagement initiatives. They are a consistent voice on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

Pinheads Entertainment Center

For those looking for a dose of fun alongside your event planning, we’ve got Pinheads Entertainment Center. Offering a great array of entertainment from bowling to games, complemented with food and beverages. Know more about them on their LinkedIn profile.

Fishers Community Chorus

Another gem from Fishers, Indiana, catering to music and community events is the Fishers Community Chorus. Tailoring beautiful pieces for concerts, shows, and community get-togethers, this non-profit organization is creating waves in the industry. Their beautiful renditions and updates can be followed on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

Event Planning Services

Last but not least, our spotlight turns towards Event Planning Services. Specializing in managing events and trade shows, they provide professional end-to-end services for its clients. They embrace the latest trends and considering nothing too big or too small to handle. For more insights, give their Linkedin page a visit.

And there we have it – a handful of the many shining stars in the realm of Event planning and services that call Fishers, Indiana, home. Each has a unique offering, ensuring anyone in need of event-related services will not only get their needs met but will experience something truly unique.

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