Spotlight on Toronto’s Artistic Giants: Unveiling Levi Keswick’s Creative Majesty

January 30, 2024
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Welcome to the latest article in our dynamic series highlighting some of the most innovative firms operating in the booming Art industry. For this piece, we are throwing the spotlight on a selection of companies headquartered in the vibrant city of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. With an array of industries that range from artificial intelligence to autonomous vehicles, these companies are pushing the boundaries of technology to create cutting-edge solutions adding value to their respective areas.

Toronto, often dubbed as Canada’s Downtown, has emerged as a global hub for technology and innovation. With a rich, diverse talent pool and an environment fostering creativity and innovation, it comes as no surprise that this city is home to some of the world’s most leading-edge companies. We’ll be looking at each business individually, delving into detailed bios, and including links to their websites for our readers who wish to learn more.

Without further ado, let us explore the companies carving out a niche for themselves and revolutionising the art industry, one innovation at a time.


Founded by Aidan Gomez, Ivan Zhang, and Nick Frosst, Cohere is a platform operating at the intersection of Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing, and Software. Their key offering is a platform that gives developers and businesses an entry point to Natural Language Processing, powered by the latest generation of large language models. This comes in handy for companies to improve their understanding of customer communications or generate compelling copy.


Founded by Raquel Urtasun, Waabi is a pioneer in the realm of Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous Vehicles, Machine Learning, and Transportation. They are in the business of commercializing driverless trucks, bringing the promise of self-driving vehicles closer to commercialization by leveraging the power of AI.


Ada, co-founded by David Hariri and Mike Murchison, is a software company featuring a chatbot-based platform designed to help enterprise businesses automate the customer experience.


Co-founded by David Qixiang Chen, Elvis Wianda, Liran Belenzon, and Tom Leung, BenchSci uses AI to empower scientists, helping them run more successful experiments and accelerating the course of drug discovery.


Founded by Adam Meghji and Craig Follett, Peggy is a secure marketplace for investment-grade art, making the art market more accessible to everyone.


Co-founded by Andrew Peek, Cameron Westland, Clifton van der Linden, and Jonathan Briggs, Delphia is revolutionizing the world of asset management by allowing people to invest their data alongside their money to improve their investment returns.


Ataccama, founded by Jan Cervinka, Jan Mrazek, Michal Klaus, and Petr Jech, reinvents the way data is managed across organizations, creating value on an enterprise scale.


Made possible by Kamran Khan, BlueDot integrates human and artificial intelligence to track global biothreats, helping organizations identify, understand, and effectively respond to them.

Forma Ai

Founded by Nabeil Alazzam, is a collective data model-driven sales compensation solution providing businesses the ability to design, implement, and optimize their sales compensation strategy on a single platform.


Borrowell is a credit education company co-founded by Andrew Graham and Eva Wong. The company offers free credit scores, education, and weekly credit monitoring, along with innovative digital tools.

Untether AI

Founded by Darrick Wiebe, Martin Snelgrove, and Raymond Chik, Untether AI is creating a new class of specialized processor targeting an extreme point on the energy-complexity scale.


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