Prominent Berlin-Based Art Companies: Revitalising Global Luxury Art Scene

January 30, 2024
2 mins read

As the art industry continues its resurgence in the wake of the global economic downturn, Berlin, Germany, has emerged as a hotbed of innovative and dynamic enterprises. These companies are launching into the sector with fresh, disruptive approaches, many harnessing the power of emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and predictive analytics. This article delves into several such companies, exploring their unique strategies, ambitions, and contributions to the evolving industry landscape.

German startup culture is known for its fearlessness and has produced internationally recognized businesses in various sectors. These companies in the Berlin art industry are no different. They range from artificial intelligence firms developing security solutions to platforms helping employers find the right talents, all contributing to Germany’s reputation as a hub for innovation.

Below, we take a closer look at these remarkable companies, each using technology to enhance and transform the art industry in unique ways, all while headquartered in the vibrant city of Berlin.


Founders: Gundbert Scherf, Niklas Köhler, Torsten Reil
Description: Helsing uses artificial intelligence to implement security in the information technology sector. This platform aims to provide a clear operating environment and was founded in 2021.
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Founders: Adrian Locher, Rasmus Rothe
Description: Merantix Venture Studio uses its unique incubation platform to build and scale AI companies, transferring world-leading research into ventures that will disrupt existing industries and create new ones.
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Founders: Marius Jeuck, Marius Luther
Description: AI-powered talent platform HeyJobs helps employers and talents connect, drastically lowering traditional hiring costs and providing invaluable resources and job opportunities to talents.
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Founders: Jonas Muff, Stefan Bunk
Description: AI-powered Vara helps radiologists diagnose breast cancer early and is dedicated to providing affordable diagnostics around the world.
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Founders: Bastian Bergmann, Joe Schaeppi
Description: Solsten uses AI to understand human behaviour in the digital world, providing valuable insights for customer experience decision makers in various industries.
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Founders: Gero Keil, Thilo Hüllmann
Description: Levity is a software company that provides a no-code AI workflow automation platform, empowering non-technical people to build AI-powered workflows.
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Founders: Marco Marques, Orlando Remédios
Description: Realtime supply chain visibility provider Sensefinity uses AI to reduce demurrage and detention costs, reducing risk via real-time condition monitoring and AI to predict events.
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Founders: Andrew Bredenkamp, Sabine Lehmann
Description: Word software Acrolinx helps world-renowned businesses create on-brand, on-target content at enterprise scale.
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Founders: Alexander Kennepohl, Bianca Kummer, Charlotte Schuhmann, Korbinian Hartberger
Description: Digital agriculture platform Plantix connects small-scale farmers and input suppliers. Their AI-powered plant doctor helps diagnose more than 500 plant problems, drastically increasing yields and reducing pesticide usage.
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Founders: Malte Pietsch, Milos Rusic, Timo Möller
Description: Leveraging NLP and open source, deepset builds next-gen enterprise search engines, providing granular, semantic search results.
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Founders: Dimitry Bezugly, Kirill Bulatsev, Oleg Stavitsky
Description: Endel creates personalized sound environments that help people focus and relax, setting a new standard for audio ecosystems.
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