Revolutionizing Event Management: Oakland’s Premier Industry Leaders Spotlight

February 7, 2024
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There are many event management companies headquartered in Oakland, California, and have made laudable contributions to the industry. These companies have not only provided top-tier management services for events but have also enhanced the growth of other businesses and the community as a whole. This article aims to spotlight some of these remarkable organizations operating in the vibrant City of Oakland.

Each company has unique selling propositions, bringing together a wealth of capabilities ranging from nonprofit fundraising and tech solutions, education, consultation, marketing, creative agency roles, and more. With the city’s rich culture and inspiring entrepreneurial spirit, these companies thrive, positively impacting local economy and addressing diverse clientele needs. We round up 10 of these exceptional event management leaders below.

Whether you’re searching for a company with a specific skill set, need to understand the competitive landscape, or looking to potential collaborations, this list provides insight into Oakland’s event management companies’ diversity.


Founded by Alison Dale, Derrick Cagaanan, Emerson Ravyn, and Ro Valiao, Flipcause operates in various sectors attending to CRM, Crowdfunding, Event Management, Non-Profit, Payments, and SaaS industries. The company specializes in aiding small and start-up nonprofits by delivering a tech-oriented service inclusive of website assistance, payment processing, engagement tools, and campaign pages, to mention a few. You can follow Flipcause on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter.

Event Planners Association

The Event Planners Association operates within the Events and Event Management industry. Planners, suppliers, and event businesses are benefited immensely by this association through providing valuable resources, mentorship, and tools. You can reach them via their Facebook page or on LinkedIn.

Oakland Venue Management

Oakland Venue Management, services the Customer Service, Event Management, and Events industries. Oakland Venue Management has made a name for itself by providing excellent customer service with spectacular managed venues for events. Follow them on Facebook, LinkedIn or on Twitter.

Oakland Military Institute

The Oakland Military Institute (OMI), offers the community leadership cultivations programs. They provide a seven-year college preparatory curriculum, which underscores academics, leadership, citizenship, and athletics. They can be found on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter.


Servicing the Event Management industry, EventMagic offers customized events with an array of rental services from props to professional sound and lighting equipment. The company was founded in 1999 and is based in Oakland, California. Check them out on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter.

Preservation Park

Preservation Park operates in the Event Management, Events, and Wedding industry. This venue facility is known for its rustic charm, flexible meeting spaces, and natural beauty. Visit their Facebook page, LinkedIn profile, or Twitter.

Caravel Group

The Caravel Group is involved in Advertising, Consulting, Creative Agency, Event Management, and Marketing sectors. Stay updated with them via their LinkedIn.

Pointe Agency

Operating in Event Management, Events, and Project Management sectors, Pointe Agency offers corporate events, event planning, brand activations, and more. Stay connected with Pointe Agency via their Facebook profile or LinkedIn page.

CDA Consulting Group

CDA Consulting Group offers services in the Consulting, Event Management, Marketing, Web Design sectors. You can stay updated with CDA Consulting Group on their Facebook page.

Twirl Management

Twirl Management is a boutique event planning company specializing in ‘Creatively Conscious Experiences’ and caters primarily to the Event Management industry. Connect with Twirl Management via their Facebook page, Twitter or on LinkedIn.

The companies featured in this article represent a portion of the diverse talent converging within the event management space in Oakland, California. They showcase how the entrepreneurial spirit thrives within this vibrant city, offering value to the local community and beyond with their unique capabilities and operations.

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