Pamper Me: Tips and Tricks for the Perfect Home Spa Day

Pamper Me: Tips and Tricks for the Perfect Home Spa Day

April 26, 2021
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The world is slowly opening up, which means your favorite spa resorts will, too. But some of us have gotten used to the comforts of home, and the hassle of booking an appointment and getting to the place can add more stress than it takes away. Well, a relaxing home spa day is just what the doctor ordered. Our tips and tricks for the perfect home spa day will help you get the full experience without leaving the house.

Check Your Routine At the Door

The nice thing about going to a resort is that it almost forces you to put all your appointments, social media messages, and worries aside. The sight of your laptop or home office may tempt you to step away from your spa day for a minute. Make up your mind to put the laptop and your daily to-do list away. This is your spa day. Don’t let your workday steal it.

Choose Your Treatment


Spa treatments and face masks are almost synonymous. But the trick to a perfect home spa day is to keep from skipping on everything that goes before the mask. Take the time to cleanse your face twice—first with an oil-based cleanser, then with a water-based one. Then, steam your face using a home facial steamer or a towel soaked in hot water mixed with herbs or essential oils. Exfoliate, and then add your mask.

Hair Care

There’s a difference between simply washing your hair and giving it a complete spa treatment. And if you’re going for the latter, take your time. Massage your scalp as you lather your shampoo and detangle your hair. Apply a hair mask, then wrap your hair in a towel soaked in hot water—but wring it out first. After steaming it for up to half an hour, apply a leave-in conditioner. Your hair will be soft, and your neck relaxed.

Full-Body Relaxation

While you wait for the mask to have its full effect and for your hair to steam, relax the rest of your body. There’s no better way to do this than with a luxurious massage. You could hire a masseuse to come to your house. Otherwise, a good massage chair will give you the same benefits as long as you do what you can to get the most out of it. When you’re done, cap off the day with a dip in an Epsom salt bath.

You don’t have to choose between a luxury spa experience and leaving your home. With the proper mindset and the right treatments, you can rejuvenate your mind and body without the hassle of a spa appointment.

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