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Our Favorite Luxury Home And Lifestyle Magazines that You Should be Keeping Up With

June 24, 2020
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If you are going to subscribe to any home and lifestyle magazines then make sure its one or more of these great options! Take a look below to browse these great options.

Mariko Ichikawa

This product was recommended by Joan Ferraro from MarikoIchikawa

Mariko Ichikawa kimonos are unique in their beauty, comfort and size inclusiveness. Educated in fine arts and experienced as a luxury buyer, after quitting Barneys in 2017, Mariko wanted to pursue her dream of designing that was both meaningful and considerate of fashion’s conspicuous consumption. Born of Japanese and Italian heritage, Mariko chooses to use traditional Japanese kimonos as the base fabric for her modernized kimonos, which she combines with couture embroideries, resulting in one-of-a-kind objects, steeped in heritage and evolved from tradition, yet made for today.


This product was recommended by Joe Flanagan from 90s Fashion World

It is one my favorite luxury lifestyle magazines. It has a great focus on fashion, the reporting is sound and the photography is super high quality. It portrays a great deal of sneakers and street style art. It has almost 6 million page views per month, so it is huge. It focuses on English speaking countries like Canada, United States and the UK. It covers Royalty, luxury beauty, anyone who is someone. It has a great trajectory and over 600,000 views per month. It’s reporting is flawless and with substance.

Cornerstone Asset Metals

This product was recommended by Terry Sacka from Cornerstone Asset Metals

Taking a step away from technology, furnishings and architecture here is a item that represents the wealth and sophistication that belongs in every luxury home. Cornerstone Crowns from the Cornerstone Mint are the only Hallmarked .999 LBMA/COMEX/Shanghai Certified Judeo-Christian IRA-Approved Fine Silver Coins on the market. It’s the natural resource the wealthy have been using to build and secure their financial foundation upon since the dawn of time. It is truly a collectible tangible asset that is worth its weight – in silver.

Wine Insiders

This product was recommended by Amy Hernandez from Wine Insiders

Wine Insiders, is a site dedicated to helping wine connoisseurs find the best wine for them. When you buy through Wine Insiders you are able to choose from all your favorite brands in a simple manner. You can decide on your perfect wine bottle by browsing through tasting notes and customer reviews for any bottle on the site. With a variety of award winning and Martha Stewart curated wines on the website, there is bound to be a perfect bottle for any occasion.

Wine lovers can also join The Wine Insider Club, a subscription service that allows them to receive an expertly selected 12 bottle case of Red, White or Mixed wine depending on your preference every 12 weeks for only $89. This subscription service offers free shipping and is free to cancel at any time.

Custom Designed Boutique Fitness Studio

This product was recommended by Barbara Chancey from Barbara Chancey Design Group

The boutique fitness phenomen is entering the luxury residential market, and long gone are home gyms designed by fitness equipment dealers.  Imagine a customized boxing and strength studio just steps away from Pilates, pole dancing, indoor cycling, and a yoga sanctuary. Featuring “the best of the best” in boutique fitness, welcome to the newest trend in upscale residential fitness.

We’ve taken the best names in boutique fitness and designed smaller, more intimate versions so music and fitness lovers can find an oasis in their home environment.

Captivating and dramatic atmospheres provide endless training opportunities, and family fitness nights are all the rage after Corona. To complete the studio experience, social areas include kombucha on tap, an infrared sauna, a couples massage studio, and luxurious showers. And don’t forget the service room where chilled, eucalyptus towels are your sweet reward after an awe-inspiring workout.

Old Line Oysters

This product was recommended by Rachel Cobbs from Old Line Oysters

Mandated quarentines are putting a damper on beach plans this summer, but the folks at Old Line Oysters will send you a bit of the beach straight from the water’s of the Chesapeake Bay. Old Line Oysters specializes in designing decorative home goods. Each custom piece is designed to bring a little ocean magic to your home decor. Hand embellished and covered in gold leaf each oyster has a unique size and shape, making each one truly unique. Our designs make perfect personalized gifts for bridesmaids, teachers, housewarming or hostess gifts. Treat yourself to add a little coastal decor to your home.

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