Omaha’s Elite Event Organizers: Unveiling their Couture Luxe Experience

February 8, 2024
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The world of fashion and luxury is intrinsically intertwined with the events industry. Companies dealing in e-commerce, lighting, ticketing, performing arts, catering, audio-visual technology, and even commercial real estate, all play critical roles in creating spectacular events. Today, we explore some dynamic companies based in Omaha, Nebraska that are making waves in the events world.

These companies may vary in their area of focus – some spotlight eSports and sports events, while others cater to arts, music, and culture. Yet they all share a common commitment to excellence and innovation. They also contribute significantly to the vibrant economy and cultural ecosystem of Omaha, Nebraska – a city popular for its rich history, sporting culture, and beautiful landscapes.

Let’s explore these companies, understand their offerings, and appreciate their contributions to the events industry. Each Company’s name is directly linked to their website for your convenience.

WOW Sports LLC

Founded by Jason Koranda, WOW Sports LLC is a major player in E-Commerce, eSports, Events, and Sports industry. The company boasts an impressive online presence on Facebook and Twitter.


Specializing in Events, Lighting, Media, and Entertainment, TMS is a premier events company based in Omaha. Find out more about their work on their Facebook page and through their LinkedIn profile.


The Omaha-based BoxOfficeTicketSales is a renowned player in the Events, Media and Entertainment, Reservations, and Ticketing industry, connecting fans to live entertainment. The company maintains an active presence on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Omaha Performing Arts

Omaha Performing Arts is an influential force in the Events, Media and Entertainment, Music, Performing Arts, and Theatre industry, and has an active presence on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Catering Creations

In the Catering, Events, Food and Beverage industry, Catering Creations offers a range of services for various types of events. They offer updates and interact with their fans and customers via their Facebook page and LinkedIn profile.

Sonburst Communication

Sonburst Communication is a reputable Advertising, Event Management, Events, and Video company. You can connect with them on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Midtown Crossing

Midtown Crossing is a key player in Commercial Real Estate, Events, Leasing, Recreation, and Social Shopping in Omaha. Engage with them on Facebook and Twitter.

Midwest Sound & Lighting

Within the Audio, Events, Lighting, and Video industry, Midwest Sound & Lighting specializes in various types of audio-visual services. Visit their Facebook page and LinkedIn profile to learn more.

A View Venues

Under the astute leadership of Brandi Goldapp, A View Venues excels in Event Management, Events, and Weddings. They share updates and interact with customers on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


planit is a leading company in the Event Management, Events, and Software industry. Check out their Facebook page, Twitter account, and LinkedIn profile to know more.

A Catered Affair

A Catered Affair is known for its excellent catering services for various events. You can interact with them on their Facebook page, their Twitter account, and their LinkedIn profile.

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