Montblanc My4810 Review

August 30, 2020
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Montblanc My4810 Summary:

Find your personal travel companion. A medium-sized four-wheel carry-on made in shiny polycarbonate, ideal for those who like to stand out with a sophisticated attitude. It measures 45 x 26 x 67 cm (volume 60 L).


  • Case ColourPolycarbonate
  • LeatherHigh Performance Polycarbonate
  • ColourBlack
  • LiningPlain fabric and net
  • Closure2 zips with TSA lock
  • Dimensions450 260 670 mm

EmblemEmblems are manually centered, one by one, by our artisans. The emblem is centrally positioned, but the manual pressure operation with the machine may shift the emblem itself. This is a characteristic that does not compromise the aesthetic of the product and could not be accepted as complaint according to our policy.

Montblanc My4810 Review:

Montblanc’ My4810 is a nice looking piece is a polycarbonate luggage. There is a lot of black present here. It has a nice soft handle which is well set up with respect to the top of the luggage. There is then also two clips included in the case with a TSA set up. This is ideal for airports.

Montblanc My4810 Review:

On the sides of the case, there are two zips, one which opens the pocket provided for the TSA lock. This has the appearance of a small pocket like a nice suit jacket. The My4810 is actually a bit bigger that what it should be, so the actual unzipping is like something of a “lazy unzipping” because the size is bigger than it ought to be. On the inside of the case, there is what I would call a sleeve. This is actually quite big. However, if you put a bottle of water in it, for example, then it sort of dissipates whatever else you have in there.

There is a very large pocket, which has excellent velcro on the sides. I would say that this could fit an 13-inch laptop. The pouch provided for the TSA lock is very good and the pocket itself is very good. The entire bag just has a really solid built. It comes with high quality wheels and the whole thing just feels nice under the hands. It is quite nice, and well-made.

Measuring the polycarbonate case should be 45 x 26 x 67 cm (volume 60 L). When I put a 70-litre bag into it, the case filled up entirely, so similarly, when I measured the leather bag it was beautiful, and felt really high quality. So that is what I thought about the Polycarbonate. Polycarbonate is a type of plastic material that is very glossy and is, in my opinion, a better option than hard-shell cases. Polycarbonate cases are a lot lighter than hard-shell cases.

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