Montblanc JFK Fountain Pen Review

August 30, 2020
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Montblanc JFK Fountain Pen Summary:

Commemorating one of the most revered figures of modern history, the Special Edition John F. Kennedy makes symbolic references to the life of J.F. Kennedy in subtle design details. The blue precious resin refers to both Kennedy’s time in the U.S. Navy and the famous Ivy League style. His initials “JFK” are engraved on the platinum-coated clip, and the three platinum-coated cap rings stand for Kennedy’s three brothers. In a tribute to the national hopes and dreams embodied in Kennedy’s pet project, the Apollo space program, the handcrafted 585 gold nib is engraved with the lunar module that landed on the moon in 1969. The Special Edition is crowned by the Montblanc emblem in precious resin.


  • ClipPlatinum-coated clip
  • BarrelDark blue precious resin
  • CapDark blue precious resin
  • ColorBlue
  • Writing SystemFountain pen
  • NibHand-crafted Au 750 / 18 K gold nib with special engraving
  • SizeM
  • Dimensions147.9 16.5 16.5 mm
  • Physical Weight42.29 g

Montblanc JFK Fountain Pen Review:

The Special Edition John F. Kennedy is a tribute to the great president who did so much to change America and to steer it on a new course. The Kennedy family had a long tradition of public service that dates back to John’s great-grandfather, Denis P. J. Kennedy, who represented Boston in Congress in the 1840s. John F. Kennedy’s grandfather Joe Kennedy served as ambassador to England during World War I. His father, Joseph P. Kennedy, was private counsel to President Franklin D. Roosevelt and served on the Securities and Exchange Commission for the Canadian government. His uncle Edgar was ambassador to Britain and his cousin Jack was the revered president who inspired this story.

The Kennedy family tended to be a bit eccentric but JFK was a bit of a maverick. However, he spent much of his time in the navy or in politics and was a noted world figure. The Special Edition John F. Kennedy is a beautiful tribute to his life and his presidency and what he achieved.

The pen is presented in a special bottle presentation box. It is a blue resin, a material that I have not come across before. It has a great depth of color and is slightly translucent. The box is blue crushed velvet and I require a hint of wood as a base. The presentation box is very attractive; I have kept it after viewing the pen.

Appearance & Quality:

The Special Edition Kennedy reminds me of the US president as a young man when he served in the Navy.

The Kennedy pen has a blue precious resin barrel to symbolize his naval service.

His initials, JFK, are engraved on the clip (also precious resin) and the cap is stamped with the Kennedy family coat of arms.

To mark the importance of the Apollo moonshot, the three platinum-coated rings on the cap represent his brothers – Joe, Bobby and Teddy. I think it is amazing that this is such a small feature and yet tells us so much.

The J.F.K logo motif featured on the clip of each pen is a graphic depiction of the letter K, a reference to the family’s Irish heritage.

The Montblanc emblem is carved in precious resin in a show of respect for John F. Kennedy’s commitment to the cause of Europe’s reconstruction after the Second World War. John F. Kennedy passed away too young, but his hope and idealism continue to live on in the Special Edition John F. Kennedy.

I have the silver-plated example and the color is beautiful, in fact it is the most beautiful pen I have ever seen – the blue is a slightly darker blue than the image shows. I thought it would be lighter. The silver plating is top class. It has a great depth of color and a slight shine.

The genuine hand-crafted nib and the engraving of the presidential family crest is a true example of Montblanc’s expertise in the handcrafting of limited-edition pens.

I have always been fond of gold nibs, but where do you draw the line if you pick one with an 18K gold nib – how much does it cost? At €1550 EUR I think the blue is quite attractive value and much cheaper than similar pens from the USA.

The pen fills from an ink bag in the barrel and the pen is presented with a book of Montblanc John F. Kennedy labels. I use a lot of blue ink and I really like the color of this pen.

The pen is full size, well balanced – it looks and feels just like the JFK era. This is a very special pen.

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