Montblanc Blue Hour Fountain Pen Review

August 30, 2020
2 mins read

Montblanc Blue Hour Fountain Pen Summary:

The Meisterstück Solitaire Blue Hour LeGrand introduces itself as a precious, blue lacquered Solitaire product with platinum-coated fittings. The magical hour between daylight and night – the Blue Hour – creates a smooth contrast and breathtaking mood, which served as design inspiration. The hexagon pattern on the handcrafted rhodium-coated gold nib, as well as on the barrel and cap, reflects the refraction of lights and night traffic in urban cities.


  • ClipPlatinum-coated clip with individual serial number
  • BarrelEngraved hexagon pattern, coated with blue lacquer
  • CapEngraved hexagon pattern, coated with blue lacquer, inlaid with Montblanc emblem
  • ColorBlue
  • Writing SystemFountain pen
  • NibHand-crafted Au750 / 18 K gold nib rhodium-coated
  • SizeM
  • Dimensions145.8 15.7 mm
  • Physical Weight59.2 g

Montblanc Blue Hour Fountain Pen Review:

The Blue Hour is one of the most popular collections of pens from Mont Blanc. It is simply an affordable legend. No matter which pen you choose it’ll be a nice investment piece for years to come and every time you get a chance to show it to someone you will definitely have a content conversation and many “”ohhhs and ahhhs”” from the audience.

The reason why the blue hour pen has become so popular is that it is a classic unassuming design. A simple solid pencil-barrel shape with a gold-engraved clip. The pen is balanced and not too heavy to write with. It comfortably fits in the hand, making it a good choice for extended writing sessions.

The pen is not too big at all, it’s a simple hexagonal design in Mont Blanc’s tried and true shape.

It is a great writing fountain pen. Its 18k gold nib on rhodium-coated solid gold nib writes smooth as a whistle.

The nib glides with just a tiny bit of feedback. It does not feel scratchy when writing with it.The nibs are great, the nib writes very soft and smooth when you are light handed with the pressure and it does not scratch the paper in any way. The nib is very smooth.

This pen is so comfortable to write with and very fun to use, I really enjoyed writing with it. It is a great pen if you want something pretty, not extravagant, or too expensive.

The packaging is very nice, and the pen is very solid in the packaging, so it’s not going to get damaged in transport.

Words of wisdom…Before you commit to buying one of these, make sure you are going to get the most out of the pen. There isn’t anything wrong with the pen, but it is a little more on the plain and expected side. The pen takes into consideration the most common and the most traditional fountain pen look of solid gold fittings and old world styling.

Montblanc pens are very well made. They always come with a nice hefty weight and feel great in the hand. The result is a pen that can easily withstand everyday use.

I can honestly say that I recommend this pen for any fountain pen hobbyists or pen collectors. To us fountain pen lovers, the Blue Hour is actually a must have pen.

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