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How To Choose Your Everyday Clothes To Be Both Comfy And Stylish

November 3, 2022
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The ability to choose ideal things for oneself is not given to everyone from birth. Of course, you can turn to a stylist who will help you with this really difficult matter. But then you deny yourself the pleasure of showing your own creativity in your appearance. In addition, the services of such experts are not cheap. Fortunately, every person can develop a taste and the ability to create their own unique style. The main thing is to constantly try something new in order to choose the best for themselves. In the text below, we’ll discuss some guidelines and short tips to help you start your journey of discovery.


If you are constantly in a hurry and have to move a lot, you need something easy to wear yet stylish enough for most occasions. Therefore, it is important to choose comfortable clothes that do not restrict movement, eliminating excessive layering in the image. You can wear jewelry if you are used to it, but make sure it’s simple, tasteful, and easy to wear. For summer trips, a jeans and t-shirt set will serve the purpose perfectly. Choose the most comfortable stretch jeans. They can be in a casual style – with scratches and holes. It is better to choose a T-shirt with a free cut made of natural fabrics, such as cotton. Perfectly complete the image by giving comfort, sneakers in light shades.

A Cardigan look

Currently, the cardigan has become an integral part of a modern girl’s wardrobe. This thing can significantly decorate the image chosen in a restrained tone, making it more elegant and feminine. In addition, it will help you not freeze on the plane.

Stop your choice at a knee-length cardigan or just above/below the knee. It can be made of light jersey or any other fabric that will stand the test of many hours of flight without creasing. It is also better to choose shoes that are comfortable – it can be moccasins matching the color of the cardigan or ankle boots with a stable low heel. And if you cannot find the perfect one, maybe looking at an online website might solve your dilemma. Most online stores have a wider variety of available clothing; as for most retail stores, it is impossible, physically, to have enough clothes for everyone’s taste. Therefore, look out for a few reliable websites with great choices and also wait for discounts during holidays, as you might strike a pretty good deal.

Go for a bigger size

Oversized sweaters are another trend in women’s casual fashion. By choosing such a model correctly, you will cover everything that needs to be hidden, and at the same time, create an image of feminine fragility. Its lightness and practicality are the ways to go on a long trip. It will not hinder movement, and you will feel very comfortable. The color scheme can be any. However, for practical purposes, it is better to choose a sweater in dark shades, for example, black. In addition, total back is quite the thing now.

It is better to choose comfortable shoes: with low stable heels or on a platform. In addition, it will be better if they are easy to remove, without laces or straps. A spacious bag goes with things in the oversized style and will be very useful for long trips.

Know your body type

Of course, every woman is unique. But, fortunately, there are only a few types of figures based on which you can choose clothing styles. This greatly simplifies the task. In ladies with a physique called “sand watch”, the volume of the hips is equal to the volume of the chest (or these parameters differ very little from each other), and the seductive narrow waist completes all this splendor. This is a very feminine, curvy figure, which goes well with things that emphasize the waist.

Women with this body type are suitable for: flared and puffy skirts of different lengths (depending on the slenderness of the legs), as well as pencil skirts, pants with a “regular”, not low-waist dresses, and blouses with a neckline, a wrap built-in top jackets, and jackets that reach the hip line high-waisted skirts

Women with apple-shaped figures really resemble round apples. The volume of the hips is equal to the volume of the shoulders, as there is no pronounced waistline. Suitable for such ladies: things with a vertical border (seams, stripes), visually lengthening, stretching the body, asymmetrical tunics, dresses, straight-cut clothes, corsets, and high-waisted dresses.

The body type “rectangle” can often be seen on catwalks – this body is considered a “model”. The waist and hips are quite slightly different from each other in terms of volume. Although representatives of this type of figure cannot boast of a magnificent bust, most styles of clothing suit them, so the choice is quite simple. The main thing is to emphasize the waist and chest. Avoid round necklines, cuffs, and fabrics with blurry patterns (clear geometric patterns are ideal).

Follow these tips and you’ll find the right style according to your personal preference and body type. You’ll find the clothes that suit you the most and are comfortable while giving you the chance to look amazing.

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