Highlighting Bath-Based Digital Marketing Leaders for the Fashion Industry

February 7, 2024
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In the historic city of Bath, Bath and North East Somerset, known for its aesthetic Georgian architecture and stunning landscape, a myriad of dynamic digital marketing companies have made their home. Engaging in a range of industries including web design, advertising, and e-commerce, these companies are harnessing the powerful potentials of digital technology to revolutionize marketing strategies. This article explores nine outstanding businesses within this sector, offering an insight into their innovative services and a glimpse into their unique ethos.

While these companies operate within the same broad industry, their focuses, approaches, and methodologies vary markedly, making the Bath digital marketing landscape diverse and vibrant. Their services extend across a wide spectrum, ensuring businesses of all types and sizes can find a partner that aligns perfectly with their digital marketing needs. Listed below are some of the most prominent companies in the field, exemplifying the city’s impressive roster of digital marketing talent.

These businesses encompass the spirit of innovation, creativity, and dedication, emblematic of the city they call home. We invite you to learn more about each of them, exploring their perspectives and visions through this article. Each company’s name is linked to their official website, offering an opportunity to delve deeper into their unique offerings and achievements.

Lion House

Lion House is a leader in the advertising and digital marketing sphere. This company prides itself on effective and strategic marketing techniques that help their clients achieve their individual business goals. For more information about Lion House, you can visit their social media pages: Facebook and LinkedIn.


Mud is a multifaceted company specialising in advertising, digital marketing, web design, and internet services. With a dedication to creative and unique design, Mud helps businesses stand apart in the online world.

James Pembroke Media

James Pembroke Media offers specialised services within the advertising, digital marketing, publishing, and service industry. Stay updated with their latest ventures on LinkedIn and Twitter.


Marked by their innovative approach to advertising and digital marketing, 6hm strives to provide their clients with impactful and meaningful solutions. Follow 6hm on LinkedIn to learn more about their progressive strategies.


In the world of advertising and digital marketing, AJA stands out with their strategic approach and result-oriented services. AJA’s dedication to driving positive outcomes aids their clients in increasing reach and improving overall performance.


DesignBull brings together the realms of digital marketing, e-commerce, and web design. Their customer-centric approach influences their design strategies, enabling their clients to effectively communicate with their audience.

Wired on Design

Wired on Design excels in content marketing, digital marketing, UX design, and web design. They offer comprehensive services including device and mobile responsiveness, search engine friendliness, secure hosting, and expert email and telephone support. Connect with them on LinkedIn for updates.

Cherry Marketing

Cherry Marketing adeptly navigates the advertising and digital marketing industry, providing their clients with effective and innovative marketing solutions. Stay connected with them on LinkedIn to learn more about their latest ventures and achievements.

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