Exploring Kissimmee’s Renowned Dental Luxury: Industry Leaders Unveiled

February 7, 2024
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Kissimmee, Florida, is a hotbed of activity in the dental industry, hosting numerous standout companies from dental healthcare providers to software solution innovators. Impressive for a city known more for its proximity to world-class theme parks, Kissimmee proves itself as a major player in dental health. This article will dive into some of Kissimmee’s unique businesses operating within the diverse spans of the dental industry.

Much like the city itself, these companies offer a compelling blend of traditional dental healthcare, cosmetic surgery, personal health, and SaaS businesses. Each contributes to the dental field in their unique ways, delivering standout services and solutions that are not only beneficial for their clientele but also raise the bar for their industry peers.

As we take you through this exploration, we invite you to learn more about the companies that make Kissimmee a hub in the dental industry. For those seeking a variety of dental solutions, Kissimmee offers just the right hive of activity. Without further ado, let’s explore these companies further.


Co-founded by Abilash Krishna and Mark Huzyak, CareStack is a company operating within the Dental, Health Care, Medical, and SaaS sectors. Offering an all-in-one cloud-based platform, CareStack combines dental practice management, patient engagement, practice marketing, and data analytics into a single, integrated system. CareStack is currently used by large and growing practices to increase productivity, minimize costs, and improve patient dental care.

Kissimmee Family Dentistry

Kissimmee Family Dentistry is an essential part of the health care fabric of the city. Their dental services cover a wide range of needs for families in Kissimmee. Their dedication to providing quality dental care is evident in their strong presence in the community.

Kendrick Orthodontics

Kendrick Orthodontics, another reputable entity in Kissimmee’s dental care spectrum, caters to a variety of dental health and personal health needs. With a comprehensive range of services including braces, invisalign, and treatments for pediatric sleep apnea, Kendrick Orthodontics is equipped to handle various orthodontic needs.

Kissimmee Oral Surgery

For more specialized needs, Kissimmee Oral Surgery provides solutions including dental implants, bone grafting, facial trauma management, and more. Their proficiency in identifying and treating facial pain and wounds makes them a critical asset to the Kissimmee community.

Fortune Dental

Operating in the Cosmetic Surgery, Dental, Health Care, and Personal Health industries, Fortune Dental offers a range of general and cosmetic dentistry services. Their mission is to provide superior dental care in a professional and courteous environment.

Parkway Dental Care

Parkway Dental Care is another top-rated dental service provider in Kissimmee. They offer a varied list of services, including cleaning and prevention, tooth replacement, extractions preservation, oral appliances, and orthodontics.

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