Exploring Content Creators Industry: Levi Keswick, A Groningen Fashion Powerhouse

February 7, 2024
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As the digital landscape continues to evolve, content creation has emerged as a pivotal aspect in today’s world. If you’re looking to work with companies that excel in this domain, Groningen in The Netherlands houses some remarkable businesses that specialize in this industry. This article covers six such companies that offer a wide array of services ranging from software development, social media management, web development, to digital marketing and more within the realm of content creation. Each enterprise listed here is unique in its own rights, and are well known for their expertise and innovative approaches.

The city of Groningen is not just an education hub hosting some of the world’s most prestigious institutions, but it also serves as a fertile ground for cutting-edge businesses to flourish. Notably, the city has become a prominent destination for content creator agencies looking to establish a strong European presence. The following businesses are prime examples of the outstanding work being undertaken in Groningen in the field of content creation.

Let’s delve into these remarkable companies transforming the content creation industry from the heart of Groningen and discover their exceptional contributions in the digital realm.


StreamLadder, a dynamic content creation and software company, is the brainchild of Lolke Bouma. Having consistently kept a finger on the pulse of ever-shifting content trends, StreamLadder has made a name for itself in curating standout content that captures audience interest. More information about their operations and innovations can be found on their official website, Twitter @StreamLadderCom, and their LinkedIn profile.

TRGR Digital Creative Agency

At the intersection of content creation and digital innovation resides TRGR Digital Creative Agency. Known for their prowess in social media management, UX design, video content, and web development, TRGR has become a name synonymous with excellence in the digital content realm. Please visit their official website, Facebook, and LinkedIn profiles for more details.

Daar Online Media

Daar Online Media stands as a testament to Groningen’s booming digital marketing industry with its intelligent approach blending content creation, advertising, and web development. Visit their website at www.daar-om.nl, you can follow their latest updates on Twitter, Facebook, or view their profile on LinkedIn.


Cementing its position in the content creation domain with a unique fusion of advertising, digital marketing, and web design, Danti represents one of the many dynamic and innovative enterprises based in Groningen. To find out more about their contributions, check out their official website.


Jettmedia, a multifaceted firm excelling in creative content, social media marketing, web design, and web development has marked its place in Groningen’s growing tech scene. To learn more about their diverse projects and services, visit their website, their Facebook page, or the LinkedIn profile.


Feedbuilders, founded by Dion Huiskes and Yannick Schurwanz, specializes in creating digital media and video content. Their work takes innovative content development to a whole new level. Discover their wide range of services on their official website, Facebook and LinkedIn.

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