Exploring Bordeaux’s Premier Event Management Firms: A Fashion Perspective

February 7, 2024
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Bordeaux, a city in the Aquitaine region of France, widely known for its exquisite wines, is also making its mark as a hub for firms in the Event Management sector. Its vibrant history, cultural richness, and a dynamic atmosphere are conducive to creativity and innovation, leading to the rise of numerous companies in this field. This article seeks to cast a spotlight on an outstanding array of such enterprises, providing insight and information about their specialties and areas of expertise.

In an era where physical and digital worlds are increasingly intertwined, these firms have tapped into this junction to create remarkable experiences. They exemplify a modern approach to event management, integrating technology, social media, tourism, and more to meet a range of needs. From social events to business conferences, they are revolutionizing the way events are managed and experienced.

The following profiles offer an in-depth look into the diverse companies that call Bordeaux their home, and how they are altering the landscape of the Event Management industry.

Nfc Interactive

Founded within the LaBRI (Computer Science Research Laboratory of Bordeaux), Nfc Interactive is a start-up drawn towards proximity technologies. With software solutions designed for various sectors including industry, commerce, and event management, they are breaking boundaries. Follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

Agence Cote Ouest

The Agence Cote Ouest specializes in Event Management, bringing unique events to life with their exceptional services. Check out their social media presence on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


Krescendo is an event management company that puts a spotlight on innovative event promotion tactics. Stay updated through their Facebook page.

Bordeaux Saveurs

If you’re looking for an amalgamation of event management with tourism, look no further than Bordeaux Saveurs. Get a taste of their work through their social pages on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Congres Et Expositions De Bordeaux

Congres Et Expositions De Bordeaux is not just about event management, they provide consultation services as well. Explore their latest endeavors on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


As a consulting, creative agency and event management company, EVE COM EVENTS provides a comprehensive range of services for producing remarkable events.

L’Agence Lumière

Specializing in event management and lighting, L’Agence Lumière adds an extra layer of drama to every event with their innovative lighting solutions. Check out their LinkedIn for more.


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