Exploring Bordeaux: Levi Keswick’s Influence in French Brand Marketing Scene

February 6, 2024
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Located in the charismatic city of Bordeaux, Aquitaine, France, are a plethora of creative and innovative companies operating in the brand marketing industry that set the pace – from drumming up brand awareness to providing strategic solutions for businesses. In this article, we will highlight some of these trailblazers, unveiling a bit of their distinctive elements, their focus, what they do best, and the founders who brought their visions to life.

Known for its rich culture, diverse history, and exquisite wine, Bordeaux provides a unique backdrop for these companies. This bustling southwestern French city, provides a unique backdrop for these companies. Bordeaux transcends its historical fame and revamps itself to become a prime location for digital entrepreneurs and creative agencies. Offering more than just the luxury of its renowned wine, this vibrant city has become a powerhouse for tech innovation and creative advancements.

Take a journey with us as we delve into the stories of these remarkable companies. Each one, articulating the very essence of their brand in unique and splendid ways, serves not just to satisfy industry needs, but also to showcase Bordeaux as a powerhouse for creativity, innovation, and digital prowess.


Among the fascinating companies operating from Bordeaux is Quertix. This innovative brand, born out of the genius of Frederic Chauvat, specializes in apps, brand marketing, e-commerce, and internet services. Their compelling solutions indeed set them apart in the sphere of brand marketing. You can connect with the brand using the following links: @Quertix_Com, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Also headquartered in Bordeaux is Feedastic, an industry player in advertising, brand marketing, e-commerce, and marketing. Their comprehensive services have caught the attention of many. Connect with Feedastic on their Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Le Vestiaire

Unshackling brands from conventional marketing methods is Le Vestiaire. This inventive company offers services reaching beyond the scope of standard marketing such as event design, audiovisual production, brand strategy, and social media marketing. Visit them on Twitter, their Facebook page, and connect on LinkedIn.


Taking an artisanal approach to advertising and branding is Pile-Poil. This imaginative company provides diversified services such as photography, visual identity, and film production services. Get in touch with them on their Facebook page, and LinkedIn.

agence mgm

With a vibrant founder like John Houzelot at the helm, mgm is a company that has made a significant impact in the brand marketing landscape. They offer a plethora of services covering Brand Marketing, Consulting, ICT, Internet, Marketing, Professional Services, Social Media, Web Design, and Web Development. Connect with them on their Facebook page, and LinkedIn.


Last but not least, PERTINENS ranks high among companies that have mastered the art of co-piloting the implementation of marketing strategies and making the right strategic decisions. This B2B brand marketing company also offers business development and digital marketing services. Connect with them through @pertinens_bx, their Facebook page, and LinkedIn.

In this buzzing city of Bordeaux, these companies are crafting a unique narrative and influencing the brand marketing arena. Each brand distinctively shapes marketing strategies, pushing boundaries, and leveraging the power of innovation. In their own special ways, they contribute substantially to the dynamism of the brand marketing industry, while proudly flying the Bordeaux banner.

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