Design Tips To Make Your Front Porch Stand Out

Design Tips To Make Your Front Porch Stand Out

October 7, 2022
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Front porches affect most people’s first impression of your home. They’re places to observe your neighborhood and get to know the people living around you. That’s why making them feel warm and inviting is so important.

People often forget about their front porch when elevating their home décor. However, large, luxurious patios have so many styling opportunities. Don’t scare people away with an ugly home exterior. Use these design tips to make your front porch stand out.

Focus on Your Front Door

Your front door says a lot about your personality and aesthetic preferences. Show off what makes you unique by designing a trendy entryway. Start by refreshing your door with a bold paint color and new, shiny hardware.

Fashion your front door with stylish decals and hangings. You can use these pieces as a conversation starter or as a way to introduce your personality to the rest of the neighborhood. Don’t forget to lay out a fun welcome mat for people to wipe their feet.

Turn It Into a Sitting Area

Spacious front porches aren’t just for looking at; they’re also for sitting! To make your front porch stand out, design a luxurious lounge area. You can drink your morning cup of coffee, spend time with neighbors, or watch neighborhood happenings from the comfort of your patio.

Choose porch furniture with plushy cushions and a beautiful table to gather around. Amp up the ambiance by installing warm patio lighting or hanging string lights. You could even extend this space with an elegant pergola for added coverage.

Don’t Forget About Your Walkway

Your walkway is one of the most important features of your front porch. This element should draw eyes to your home. Also, walkways are functional parts of your home’s exterior. Optimize yours so that it’s both beautiful and usable.

Place sturdy flagstones in a short path for easy access. Your walkway will also protect your lawn from foot traffic. Line your pathway with plants and stake lights to make it more dynamic. Build a small staircase from your walkway to your patio to finish the area.

Now, your stylish front porch will be the talk of the town. Give your neighbors a good first impression by putting some effort into sprucing up this part of your home.

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