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Consider These 6 Things Before Adding Solar Panels To Your Home

September 2, 2022
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If you’re looking into getting solar panels, you’re probably pretty excited. Few purchases are so practical and simultaneously so good for the rest of the world. This being said, solar panels are pieces of finely tuned technology, and this means there are a few things you might want to think about before selecting solar panels for your home. The following will explore these factors and outline the elements that can help you make a better solar panel decision.

Your Local Climate

The majority of places in the world get enough sunlight that solar energy is possible. This being said, not all places do. Before you start solar panel shopping, you should do a little research on your area to make sure that the sunlight you’re getting is adequate. Further away from the equator, there is less sunlight during certain times of the year. As well, in deep valleys, there can sometimes be a lot more shade given by heights, reducing the amount of light that is available. It is likely that some months there will be lots of sun and other months comparatively little.

Your Energetic Needs

If you’re in the market for some solar panels, you’re probably looking to have them provide energy for you. Some people are merely looking to supplement their energy needs with solar energy, while others are looking to cover all their energy requirements. Whatever your goals are with solar panels, it’s vital to calculate how much energy you use throughout the seasons to help you choose the right amount of solar panels of the right size.

If you’re unsure in this regard, you can reach out to your current utility provider or take a look at your utility statements. Knowing how much energy you need can help you make better choices when it comes to the panels you buy.

Your Emotional Needs

While emotions might not seem like they’re a large component of buying and installing solar panels, they are. Most people seeking solar panels have—whether they know it or not—emotional needs they’re hoping the panels meet. You might be focused on becoming more self-sufficient in order to increase your sense of resilience and competency. You might be focused on saving money and, therefore, increasing your financial stability. You might be looking for ways to reduce or eradicate your own carbon footprint. You might be focused on off-grid living that removes your dependence on local or federal governments.

If you don’t take a second to figure out what’s pulled you towards the idea of solar panels, you won’t be able to ensure that the choices you’re making are going to meet those needs. For example, someone who wants to go off-grid is going to need a battery set up that allows them to store the excess energy they create, whereas someone who is planning on selling their excess energy to a local utility provider is going to need their system connected to the grid. It might be worth noting that sharing your surplus is a wonderful way to help low-income families as utility prices reflect the energy supply available.

More energy in the system usually means cheaper energy for all. Becoming aware of these elements early on in the process can make choosing and installing your solar panels a lot smoother.

Aesthetic Considerations

It used to be that there was only one kind of solar panel, so there wasn’t much wiggle room when it came to the look of solar energy. Professionals at point out that this is no longer the case. There are solar roofing shingles that look remarkably similar to regular roofing. Take a moment to look through the different solar options available to see what would look best with your home.

Will You Need Help?

Be honest with yourself about your skills and knowledge. Installing solar panels involves an awareness of electricity, light, and structural loads. Does your roof need repairs before you add the weight of solar panels? If you’re not 100% confident in your ability to do the work yourself, reach out to a professional. Electricity is a dangerous force if not handled correctly. Working from a height isn’t something to be taken lightly either.

Research Tax Deductions

Depending on your government, there might be a nice tax break waiting for you if you take the time to look for it. Many governments want to encourage renewable energy projects and so offer financial incentives. Sometimes this comes in the form of a tax break, but other times it involves subsidizing the initial solar panel purchase.

The above information should have drawn your attention to a few key factors involved in solar panel planning. Again, if you’re not sure how to do something, reach out to a professional. Electrical shocks can cause serious harm.

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