Commonly Overlooked Car Maintenance Services

Commonly Overlooked Car Maintenance Services

May 10, 2022
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It is easy to stroll into a car service center or dealership and the mechanic perform all the necessary work without a second thought. But when you hand over the keys, you should know exactly what work they are doing, especially because there may be gaps in your coverage. Here are the most commonly overlooked car maintenance services you should know about.

Replacing Air Filters

You could own the fastest, sportiest car but have the most rotten air inside. If your car smells insufferably awful, a filthy cabin air filter is to blame. The air you breathe through the air conditioning comes from the outside. Whether you can use internal and external air sourcing, the cabin air filter plays a role in the air quality. Replace your air filters often, especially when you smell strong, unrelenting odors.

Your engine also has an air filter that helps it function properly. Automobile engines require air to help cool the system, but that air must be clean before entering the engine block. So, an air filter keeps dirt and debris from clogging the machine. If an engine air filter is dirty, the engine will work twice as hard to pull the same amount of air through the remaining open pores. This inefficiency leads to poor gas mileage and slower acceleration.

Changing Transmission Fluid

If you drive an automatic transmission vehicle, you have an entire system working to simplify your driving experience—and transmission fluid is part of that system. The transmission seamlessly switches the gears as you accelerate and decelerate during driving, so you could not possibly operate the car without this piece working properly. That is why changing the transmission fluid is essential, though many people overlook it. Knowing how often you should service your transmission and getting that work done will keep your car operating at peak performance.

Flushing Coolant System

The coolant system keeps your engine from overheating, particularly on hot days. Coolant fluids can become dirty and lose their optimal pH. In either case, using contaminated coolant can damage your engine and lead to more expensive repairs.

Knowing these commonly overlooked car maintenance services prepares you to handle car servicing issues deftly. While you can usually let the professionals care for your car, you should clue yourself into the process and check these items as well.

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