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Bulova Watches: A Smart Addition to Your Collection or a Mere Timepiece?

April 11, 2023
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Key Takeaways:

  • Bulova watches are known for their quality and affordability
  • Limited edition Bulova timepieces may hold their value over time
  • Bulova’s production process and materials differ from luxury watch brands
  • The brand offers various styles, functions, and materials to suit different preferences

Introduction: A Brief Overview of Bulova Watches

Bulova is a well-established watch brand with a rich history in the industry. Despite not being considered a luxury brand, the company is known for offering a high-quality-price relationship in most of its watch series. The question then arises: do Bulova watches hold their value? This article aims to answer this question by exploring the brand’s production process, materials, styles, functions, and potential investment value.

Understanding Bulova’s Production Process

  1. Materials Used in Bulova Watches

Unlike luxury brands that use platinum, gold, silver, and diamonds, most Bulova watches use stainless steel. The choice of materials greatly impacts the watch’s overall value and how it’s perceived in the market.

  1. Movements in Bulova Watches

A watch’s movement can significantly influence its worth. In-house movements are typically associated with higher quality and value. However, Bulova sources its movements from external companies, which sets it apart from luxury watch brands that produce their movements in-house.

  1. Mass Production and Handcrafting

Luxury watch brands often handcraft their timepieces, ensuring unparalleled attention to detail. In contrast, Bulova produces its watches in large quantities, resulting in less attention to detail and a lower perceived value.

The Allure of Bulova Watches: Style, Function, and Materials

  1. Diverse Styles for Different Tastes

Bulova offers a wide range of watch styles, from sporty to fashionable and casual. This diversity in design caters to various preferences, making the brand more accessible to a broader audience.

  1. The Precisionist Movement

Bulova is renowned for its Precisionist movement, which prioritizes accuracy. The brand’s watches boast a time fluctuation of only 10 seconds, compared to Rolex’s -4 to +6 seconds daily. This accuracy is a testament to Bulova’s commitment to technological advancements.

  1. High-Quality Materials

Bulova uses materials that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional. For example, the brand’s Precisionist X features a black alligator skin strap and a domed Sapphire face that resists glare. Limited edition timepieces even come with 18k gold, demonstrating the brand’s appreciation for craftsmanship.

Comparing Bulova and Citizen Watches

Citizen, which acquired Bulova in 2007, is often compared with its subsidiary. While personal preference plays a significant role in determining the superior brand, here are some notable differences:

  • Bulova excels in design
  • Citizen watches are more budget-friendly
  • Bulova offers a three-year warranty, while Citizen provides a five-year warranty

Limited Edition Bulova Timepieces: A Potential Investment?

While most Bulova watches may not appreciate in value due to their mass production, limited edition timepieces could be worth considering as an investment. These watches are produced in smaller quantities, making them rarer and potentially more valuable in the future.


Although Bulova watches may not hold their value like luxury brands, they are still a reputable and reliable choice for consumers seeking quality, affordability, and diverse designs. With the potential for limited edition timepieces to appreciate in value, Bulova watches can be a smart addition to your collection or serve as a functional, stylish timepiece for everyday wear.

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