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Best High End Mattress – Expert Recommendations

September 19, 2021
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This article showcases our top picks for the Best High End Mattress. We reached out to industry leaders and experts who have contributed the suggestions within this article (they have been credited for their contributions below).

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Purple Hybrid

This product was recommended by Alex Savy from Sleepingocean

This model is relatively affordable (compared with many other high-end mattresses), so it might not be such a risky investment (plus, there’s a sleep trial included). Now, what I love about this mattress is its unique feel. The company uses their famous gel grid but combines it with responsive coils (individually wrapped). As a result, this mattress delivers targeted support and pinpoint pressure alleviation. It also sleeps cool, which is always a nice bonus.

Avocado Organic Luxury Plus Mattress

This product was recommended by Alex Savy from Sleepingocean

This mattress screams luxury, in my opinion. First of all, it’s heavenly soft and plushy to the touch. Describing lying on it as “sleeping on a cloud” would be the only suitable comparison. There are around 20 layers in this mattress, plus a zoned support system, so the Avocado is meant to provide proper spinal support while keeping you snug and relaxed. Now, I realize that a soft mattress like this might not work for everyone. But for the ones it does work, the Avocado is going to feel luxuriously comfy.

Saatva Solaire

This product was recommended by Alex Savy from Sleepingocean

The most luxurious mattress is the one you can adjust to your needs and preferences. And Saatva Solaire can do that. This model combines latex, gel memory foam, and adjustable air chambers, creating a unique adjustable hybrid mattress. There are 50 firmness options you can test. You can adjust the feel of your Saatva in small increments to find your perfect set-up. That means you can tailor your new bed to your needs on any given day.

Perfetto Mattress

This product was recommended by Alan Weiner from Elegant Strand

Handcrafted in Italy, The Perfetto’s unique design makes it the best firm memory foam mattress that still cradles you in comfort. The multiple layers of exceptional foam combine the firm support of a traditional spring mattress with the body contouring and cooling features of foam. Our sewn-in breathable top layer transfers heat from the body while multi-layer foam construction and specialized inserts prevent unpleasant sinking and over-plush lack of support common in most foam mattress construction. We offer our memory foam mattress in queen, king, and California king sizes.


This product was recommended by Penelope from Evins

The DUX Dynamic, built for the best night’s sleep…but also working, reading, eating and any other WFH multi-tasking activities. Combining DUX’s full body elevation capabilities and an additional adjustable area for your head, the DUX Dynamic is truly the most advanced adjustable bed on the market. With the single press of a button users have the power to customize each side of the bed with their handheld Bluetooth controller to create an unrivaled level of ergonomic support and simply, the best night’s sleep. Not to mention, it’s one of the few on the market that keeps sustainability in mind because it is a lifetime product! Like owning a car, a DUX mattress is the only one on the market that offers a unique Pascal System that lets you isolate each individual component, swapping out damages or stains and upgrading to new technologies as they become available. DUX believes that responsibility begins with the integrity of the product. And investing in a DUX bed inevitably means less mattresses in landfills.

Helix Midnight Luxe

This product was recommended by Allana Wass from Comfybeddy

This mattress is quite famous, and there’s a reason for that. Midnight Luxe is a hybrid model that has a pillow-top design, thick comfort layers, and a zoned support system. It is meant to effectively combine proper weight redistribution with tension alleviation. I especially appreciate the fact that Midnight Luxe sleeps cool, which can be surprising when there are such thick and cradling comfort layers in the construction.

Eight Sleep The Pod Pro Mattress

This product was recommended by Allana Wass from Comfybeddy

This mattress can be a real salvation for hot sleepers or those who always fight over the thermostat settings with their significant other. The Eight Mattress, combined with a smart pod, allows users to control the temperature of their sleeping environment. And yes, you can adjust the two sides of the bed separately, which would come in handy if you and your partner have different preferences.

Nova Hybrid by Casper

This product was recommended by Allana Wass from Comfybeddy

I absolutely love the balanced feel this mattress has. The Nova is a hybrid mattress that implements zoned support to help users maintain a neutral back and thus, relax fully during sleep. You might also appreciate the fact that Caser uses breathable foam for the comfort layers (with small air channels), which can help sleepers remain pleasantly cool all through the night.

Vegan Latex Mattress by Avocado

This product was recommended by Allana Wass from Comfybeddy

This one is 100% natural, organic, and safe. The Avocado mattress also feels sturdy and even robust, which means it would serve you for years to come without sagging or developing body impressions. It might also be a great solution for sleepers who are sensitive to odors, as this model does not use any harsh chemicals and therefore, does not have off-gassing.

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