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Best High End Espresso Machine – Expert Recommendations

September 20, 2021
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This article showcases our top picks for the Best High End Espresso Machine. We reached out to industry leaders and experts who have contributed the suggestions within this article (they have been credited for their contributions below).

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De’Longhi Dinamica Automatic Coffee & Espresso Machine

This product was recommended by Steve Johnson from Boot Mood Foot

This coffee machine is expensive but well worth it if you like a good cup of coffee. At the touch of a button a cafe-worthy coffee every time, you decide the strength, frothiness, and temperature. I have had my first De’Longhi for over 7 years now and will never go back to regular coffee machines…the best coffee machine ever!

Elektra Q1R Belle Epoque Riforma

This product was recommended by Jessica Demay from Dishcrawl

Probably the single most prestigious and noble espresso machine we have to date. The Riforma is a result of research and restoration of the oldest machines that Elektra has produced. Ancient machines that were found in old hotels and restaurants that were shut down long ago. This machine is more than just a machine, it is a story, a totem around which people used to gather to enjoy a creamy Italian espresso back in the days.

Breville BES870XL Barista Express Espresso Machine

This product was recommended by Tim Sutton from CoffeeGeek TV

This powerhouse of a machine with a built-in grinder provides precise measurements, which are the key to pulling a flavorful espresso shot. Moreover, you get to manually monitor and adjust everything from the grind size to the bar pressure, anything to make the perfect cup of Joe.. Latte, cappuccino, and other milky espresso-based drinks are also part of the equation thanks to the milk texturing steam wand. Overall, you get to experiment and enjoy third-wave specialty coffee in the comfort of your own house.

R Cinquantotto

This product was recommended by Michail Korovin from Pearls of Caviar

Are you in the market for a high end espresso machine that will make you look like an expert barista? Well, then the R CINQUANTOTTO espresso machine is for you. Owning this coffee maker will make your friends and family think that they have been coming to your cafe all along! It’s a high-end espresso machine that makes some of the best coffee I’ve ever tasted! And it’s not just me, everyone who has tried this machine agrees with my opinion. The R58 is an excellent espresso machine that will keep you from having to pull many shots for your guests. The PID controller and thermal mass make it easy to get a consistent temperature when pulling my favorite shot of Espresso or Café Latté with the E61 grouphead. Steam pressure is perfect so steam quantity never suffers, and cleanup on this baby couldn’t be easier!

Jura 15116 ENA Micro 90 Espresso Machine

This product was recommended by Tonya Lawson from Simply Caffeinated

The Jura Ena Micro is a high-end espresso maker that will help you impress even the snobbiest coffee connoisseurs with your barista skills. It has a responsive touch panel that is easy to operate and offers six different settings that allow you to customize each shot of espresso. It offers 2 aroma levels, 3 cup sizes, 3 strength settings, and even comes with a built-in grinder so you will always have the freshest espresso flavor.

Breville Nespresso VertuoPlus

This product was recommended by Arpit Gupta from Sprout and Press

Breville Nespresso VertuoPlus is low maintenance coffee machine. VertuoPlus allows its users to enjoy five different coffees – Espresso, Double Espresso, Gran Lungo, Coffee and Alto. The VertuoPlus promises an aromatic and flavourful coffee. The model automatically adjusts the settings and helps determine the best cup size based on the barcode printed on the coffee pods, making the coffee brewing experience easy. Nespresso VertuoPlus’ product line utilises a patented process called Centrifusion, which ensures complete extraction from the coffee capsule. The Auto-off program automatically shuts off the machine after nine minutes hence reducing electricity usage. Cleaning is simple, the entire machine is rinsed out by a pre-programmed five-minute cleaning cycle. Breville Nespresso VertuoPlus has a sleek design and unique features that make it money well spent. The VertuoPlus has a recycling program that allows users to exchange used pods in exchange for new ones. The Breville Nespresso makes coffee that tastes better than a professionally made cup of coffee. Investing in a machine like this will allow an average person to save more than 2000 dollars a year.

VertuoPlus Deluxe Coffee and Espresso Machine

This product was recommended by Carolyn Timbers from Kitchen Gadgets Maven

The VertuoPlus Deluxe Coffee and Espresso Machine creates freshly-brewed coffee with a delicious and authentic crema at every cup! A smart coffee maker that uses Nespresso’s Centrifusion technology through barcode reading for optimal results. Moreover, it can serve different kinds of espresso-based on your needs. It’s very light for most people’s budget, too!

La Marzocco GS3 Espresso Machine Manual Paddle Version

This product was recommended by David Cheung from CoffeeFinesse

If money is not an issue, this is the absolute best espresso machine you can buy. With complete manual control over pre-infusion, pressure, and brewing times, this machine is the pinnacle of espresso making. It’s unique paddle control allows you to also directly control the blow rate while pulling a shot. So, if you want to get into the full experience of pulling an espresso shot, this is the machine. Just make sure you have the moolah to do so.

La Pavoni Stradivari 16 Cup Manual/Lever Espresso Machine

This product was recommended by Katherine Bianchi from Cafe Last

Espresso machines with manual levers are always captivating and high-end looking. If you are someone who likes to manually pull the shots, this might be just the perfect espresso machine for you. Unlike automatic espresso machines, you will need to do all the work with Stradivari. You may have to do some experimenting to come up with the best shot but that’s where it gets fun. You just need to be patient in mastering the exact grind and tamp pressure to produce your very own Starbucks-level espresso. It will be super worth it that you will rather make your coffee at home than driving to fancy coffee shops and purchase one.

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