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6 Dreamy Luxury Mattress Brands

April 12, 2019
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I don’t know about you all but if there’s something I can’t function without in life it’s not coffee, whiskey, gin, Ferrero-Rocher or Godiva’s bits, Gucci and Armani tailored suit jackets, etc. None of that. I would say the one thing I cannot live without is a long, relaxing night of sleep.

The experts say that there are a lot of things that need to be aligned to get a good night sleep. To me it is as simple as eight hours minimum, a cold room, and a really, really good mattress. The effects of a good night’s sleep are priceless to your overall performance the following day, so why not invest in getting the best mattress for the job? Here are the absolute best choices.

#1 Eluxury

The eLuxury Content recommended by Whitney Matthews.

eLuxury is a Veteran Owned and Operated Company out of Evansville, Indiana with products created with the family in mind. Our line of gel memory foam mattresses, handmade platform beds, duvet covers, pillow cases, mattress toppers, goose down comforters, 5-Star Egyptian cotton bath robes, and Egyptian cotton bath towel sets allow you to customize and perfect your sleeping routine.

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#2 Saatva

The Saatva Content recommended by Logan Block.

Logan Block from Sleepopolis: I’ve tested over 100 mattresses over the last couple years, and Saatva stands out as one of my favorite luxury mattresses. It has the classic hotel bed feel, such that just about anyone can show up, lay on it, and feel very comfortable. Though still at a luxury price point, for these materials, the mattress comes in at a very reasonable price.

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#3 Nuseasons By Gelpro Luxury Mattress

The NuSeasons by GelPro Luxury Mattress Content recommended by Denise Clarke.

GelPro, the leading comfort mat company, has expanded into the bed-in-a-box market with its NuSeasons by GelPro mattress, an ultra-luxurious, dual-sided/reversible mattress offering both cool and cozy sides. Just like its kitchen mats, its new mattress is designed to provide the best comfort possible, offering better sleep for better health.

The NuSeasons mattress features four layers of premium comfort and support to evenly distribute body weight and alleviate uncomfortable pressure points and was thoughtfully engineered to provide two climate-controlled sides that offer the perfect feel and temperature for the best night’s sleep year-round.

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#4 Royal- Pedic

The Royal- Pedic Content recommended by Don Ham.

Royal- Pedic takes a healthier approach, utilizing the world’s finest natural and hypoallergenic materials such as: French Lamb’s Wool washed in baking soda and water, and rinsed in pure water. The finest layers of staple cotton. Malaysian, and Indonesian latex tree milk processed into the finest quality Talalay latex mattress cores and slices in the Netherlands.

The finest spring units are used in their mattress and box spring production that they source from here in the United States and Germany. Their fabrics are made by a century old Belgian manufacturer on state of the art looms for luxurious quality and comfort. As well, they use exquisite fabrics from Germany and also here in the United States.

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#5 Amerisleep As3

The Amerisleep AS3 Content recommended by Nate Masterson.

The Amerisleep AS3 is the highest-rated mattress of 2019, layered for ideal comfort, and contains thermoreactive yarn. It is a medium firmness option that will please the majority of people’s mattress preferences.

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#6 Mattressinsider Custom Deluxe Coolmax® Bed Mattress With Memory Foam

The MattressInsider Custom Deluxe COOLMAX® Bed Mattress with Memory Foam Content recommended by Jonathan Prichard.

If you’re wanting a luxurious night’s rest in your RV, truck, or just want to fill in a quality-built bed in an unusual space, a custom mattress from is a must-have item. The options include temperature-regulating fabric like COOLMAX®, the latest technology from Dupont, to keep you cool at night.

Memory foam makes sure that the bed contours to your body type and how you sleep, and the heavy duty body support makes sure it’s a mattress that will last. And since it’s a custom mattress made to fit any space, anywhere, it adds up to the ultimate in luxury.

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The recommendations of items within this article where sourced from industry experts. Their names and websites are listed below.

Who contributed to this article?

Whitney Matthews from eLuxury

Logan Block from Sleepopolis

Denise Clarke from DC Communications

Don Ham from Refresh Smart Home

Nate Masterson from NateMasterson

Jonathan Prichard from MattressInsider

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